8 Reasons Why You Need To Add Bike Riding To Your Wellness Plan

bike riding

We all know how important it is to exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy. And one of the most brilliant ways to do so is to get engaged in bike riding. It is very easy to start and enjoyable because you can do it outdoors. And it is especially advantageous for women because it boosts the general state of health, improves the immune system and helps you to look younger. So what are the benefits of cycling? Let’s go through some key points.

1. It is an accessible way to exercise.

First of all, cycling helps to improve your physical well-being because it strengthens your muscles. When riding a bike, you are working with your whole body. Your blood pressure goes up, and the heart muscle is also strengthened. The best thing – you don’t need special training or guidance to get started. What you need is a bike, that’s all. You can train any day, at night or in the morning, go to work or for groceries on a bike. This way you do your everyday routine and exercise all at once. It is an amazing advantage for those who usually have no extra time for the gym.

2. You will lose weight.

Cycling is also good for those who want to get rid of some extra pounds. It provides a good calories loss, from 400 to 1000 per hour. Remember, that you still need to eat healthy to get the best result. And the training outside is much better because wind resistance and the surface make the whole event more challenging. So if you are going to train at home, you need to put some extra effort.

Riding at a moderate, steady pace for 60 minutes will burn around 300 calories. If you want to shed off pounds faster, try interval training or increase the intensity of your rides. Cyclists use a tool called a cycling power meter to measure the power they use on the pedals, and it provides valuable information for training. A power meter can help you pace your ride to make the most out of your time on the saddle.

bike ride

3. It will help balance your mental health.

Physical activity releases endorphins and adrenaline, which make us happier. It has been proven that constant exercise helps to overcome depression. It is great for women because the researches show that they experience a higher risk of depression.

There are also indirect ways in which a bicycle workout influences mental health. Bicycling, especially in the outdoors or away from the city, allows you to avoid air pollution and get access to fresh air that will help calm your nerves and stimulate your mind. And you can also train with other people. Eventually, you will get engaged with the cycling community and find new friends.

Besides mental health, it also boosts your brain activity by boosting up the blood flow. This helps your cognitive functions and reduces the risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s in the future.

4. It decreases the risk of diseases.

Many studies show that people who regularly ride a bike have a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. Biking helps to improve your blood pressure, heart, and lungs.

Great news for women – there is some evidence that cycling reduces the chances of breast cancer. It also helps to prevent diabetes 2.

5. There is a smaller risk of injuries.

It is a low impact training that is better for joint. To compare, jogging is a heavyweight exercise, and it might be much more traumatic. As long as you wear a helmet and choose the right bicycle, the risk of injuries is pretty small. For those who are interested in outdoors cross-training, it is better to choose the best cyclocross bikes. They are great for beginners and are pretty light.

6. You will sleep better.

Getting a good rest at night is a secret to well-being. The quality of your sleep influences everything. And that’s why it is vital to calm down before you get to sleep. Cycling helps to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. It also brings you about one fuller hour of sleep.

7. You’ll save time and money.

With today’s prices on fuel, it is a great advantage. Small travels are not only expensive; they also contribute to the pollution of the planet. And don’t get me started about how traffic is not beneficial to our ecosystem at any point. So it is better to get on a bike and go right through countless traffic jams to get to your destination. You can be anywhere really fast and cheap. And there will be no troubles with looking for a parking spot! Just lock your bike, and you are free to go.

An alternative to traditional bikes, electric bikes, or e-bikes are growing more popular these days. It’s great for people who want more speed (without physical exertion) and those who don’t want to drive but also don’t want to use a traditional bike. Compared to owning a car, owning an e-bike is also much cheaper since most units are energy efficient and are relatively low maintenance. Most importantly, you can still ride your e-bike even when it’s out of power.

8. It will help during pregnancy.

It is great for a mother’s health to exercise during pregnancy. It keeps your muscles strong, helps to reduce your chances of becoming overweight during pregnancy and keeps you in shape for childbirth. And as a low-impact sport, cycling is just the best. Although after the first trimester, it might be better to do your training indoors.

The key to getting all the benefits is to pick the right bike. First of all, pay attention to the heights and weight. Your bike should be adjusted exactly to your body to reduce any injury risks. Adjust the position of the seat so that when your pedal is at the lowest point your leg is almost straight.

Also, pay attention to handlebars and the frame position. You should be able to reach the ground in a standing position. Don’t forget to choose the right tires depending on the type of roads you are going to ride.  

It is also important to know what type of bicycle you need. It depends on the training location you are going for. So decide whether you are going for standard, mountain or cyclocross bike, etc.

When choosing a bicycle, consider the quality, the level of comfort you want, and the features that you need. If you are not going for a professional sports carrier, you might choose something simpler. Pick the right bicycle and start your new life now!

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