6 Rules for Small Business Success

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The business world is built on its own tough, sometimes even brutal laws, and anyone who does not wish to follow them is unlikely to achieve the desired result. Success in business is only possible if you know the main rules of doing business and stick to them strictly. In many publications, businesspeople share their experiences, providing their own classification of the principles of a successful business. Each of them has their own view of entrepreneurial activity, but all of them have reached the heights in their business, observing the basic, so-called golden rules of business. It is important to note that in this article, we will not be talking about the well-known rules that all entrepreneurs must follow as law-abiding citizens – this is a self-evident fact. It is about unwritten laws that play an extremely important role in the business environment.

Rule 1: Be small but think globally

Faced with the problem of choosing one type of business or another, examine the prospects for each and choose the best option. For example, in one case, you can immediately make a lot of money, but have no certainty for the future. In another, initially it is possibly a small income, but one can see a serious growth prospect. In that case, choose the second option. If you find yourself in this situation, you may often hear from start-up entrepreneurs the question: “How can I compete with the big enterprises? Small businesses have inherent advantages over large ones: flexibility, the ability to provide more personalized services and to respond quickly to any changes. In addition, by making the most of small businesses, you can move smoothly into a niche medium-sized business, and that’s already a boost.

Rule 2: There must be demand for your product/service

Or, in other words, the business must be of interest, both to the owner and to potential buyers. It is not possible to make a decent living out of a banal, trivial idea or a low-quality product. In practice, exceptions to this rule occur very rarely, and if they do, then the fleeting success is quickly replaced by a total collapse. In addition, in the initial phase of the company’s formation, once you have chosen the right niche, you should not try to sell more than one product. Focus on your specialty and choose the best advertising tools. Blogs are becoming more and popular among small businesses to advertise their services, so don’t miss that opportunity and check Movavi Blog.

Rule 3: Always cash in advance

Payment must always be made before the goods are handed over to the buyer. In business, no one ever relies on their word of honor. Even loans from banks require guarantees of repayment within a set period of time. Trust in people is a fine quality, but in a business environment, it must be preceded by a long track record of success. This rule is particularly relevant in the case of small-scale wholesale trade. Unfortunately, there are many entrepreneurs who take products on after-payment terms and then not only fail to pay for them but don’t even return them.

Rule 4: Maintain an impeccable reputation

There can be good and bad sides to the evolution of a business. But no matter what, and no matter how difficult the times, one must never compromise one’s responsibility and integrity. The business world revolves around money, and no one will put their business at risk by dealing with an entrepreneur who has tarnished themselves by failing to keep their promises to their partners. The same is true of consumers. A person is unlikely to ever come back to a shop where they have been defrauded. Moreover, they would advise their acquaintances against doing so. According to the rules of a successful business, every entrepreneur must cherish their reputation and never compromise it for a momentary gain.

Rule 5. Everything must be official

In business, every mistake can have serious consequences. One way to prevent them is to document everything. It does not matter whether it is a deal with partners, buying one more desk, or paying for a business trip ticket of an employee to a neighboring town. Every business action must be documented. Doing business in this way will help you avoid being unfairly accused or prove your innocence in the court of law.

Also, make sure the promotion of your business is done in a high-quality and premium way. Your business should have a great logo and sign; companies like American Sign Company can design something for you that will help your business stand out.

Rule 6. A properly selected team of employees

The company’s team should be made up of employees who are interested in developing the company. Make it a point to keep each employee interested: this will greatly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the work. In addition, do not be afraid to entrust your employees with responsible tasks. It often happens that an ordinary employee is more qualified than the manager in some matters. Those tasks which can be entrusted to your employees, feel free to delegate them: people, having thus realized their importance, will work much better. The rules of doing business call for mutual respect in dealing with employees, just as you would with partners or suppliers.


Knowing the six golden rules of doing business listed above will help every entrepreneur to make their business a success. However, do not assume that all the other principles of entrepreneurship may not be taken into account. So, for example, you have started a business, but for whatever reason, the quality of your products has declined. It is perfectly understandable that it is better to suspend the operation of the company until the problem is solved because no one is interested in a loss. These are the basic rules of doing business that many analysts think are essential. But don’t stop there: practical experience will always tell you your own strategies for success.

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