5 Clever Ways To Cut Your Wedding Costs Fast

Your cake won’t be the only thing your cutting on your wedding day!

Weddings are the most joyous of occasions, a celebration of love and happiness, and – let’s be honest – a massive party! But it’s easy to get carried away and let the champagne (instead of prosecco) flow. Rein in your wedding spending, and still have the best day of your life, with our top tips for cutting wedding costs, without impacting on your special day.

Send e-vites

Save the planet and the pennies with an e-vite. Let your loved ones know the details for the big day with a custom design. The best bit, they too can RSVP with the touch of a button. There’ll be no chasing responses, worries over lost invites or delays in delivery.

The best bit, you can even add a Google Maps reference to your venue too – although we can’t guarantee your guests won’t get lost!

Use your credit card

Whilst we recommend keeping an eye on your spending, when you use your credit card to pay for your wedding, you’re giving yourself extra protection.

Under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, when you use your credit card for purchases of more than £100 in the UK, you as the consumer are protected and will be compensated should something go wrong – such as the venue flooding, or the dress failing to show up.

Shop the high street

While every bride may dream of a designer wedding dress, high-street brands such as Phase Eight, Monsoon and even ASOS are creating beautiful dresses at affordable prices, proving you don’t have to break the bank to look glamorous on your big day.

For the super thrifty, many charity shops have an odd wedding dress that can be altered to create a truly unique design.

Go for a buffet

Avoid dining dramas by offering a buffet-style wedding breakfast over a traditional sit-down meal. With costs per head from as little as £11, opting for a buffet could offer up some major savings – it also cuts down on food waste too.

Hog roasts are becoming a firm favorite for wedding breakfasts and are perfect for evening guests.

Have a Great British Bake Off

Save on the expense of a cake and invite your guests to bake one. Whilst you’re having your photos taken – often the most boring part of the day for guests! – have a Great British Bake Off, and let your guests judge the best cake.

Any cake leftover can then be added to the buffet, and form part of the dessert – no more hungry guests!

When planning a wedding, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with choice and let costs spiral. But with careful planning, a bit of thriftiness and help from guests, you can have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, without the crippling costs. 

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