4 Low Key Health Issues You Need To Tackle Now

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Life is nothing if not busy for most of us. We juggle multiple roles – as employees, parents, carers, spouses and business owners, and in the rush, we can often put ourselves to one side. Iy may be that you’ve developed a fairly low-key health issue, that, for various reasons, you just haven’t gotten around to dealing with. It will be something that bothers you, but not enough for you to prioritize a trip to the doctor to get it properly taken care of – it could be the constant back pain, the persistent headache or the slow but steady weight loss.

We tell ourselves we’ll deal with it later – meaning when the symptom gets too bad to ignore – but we know deep down that this isn’t a good idea. Often, relatively minor health issues and injuries such as these can either be easily treated at this early stage, which will massively improve your quality of life, or else they can be symptomatic of a deeper and more complex problem, especially if you are experiencing multiple of them. If so, seeking medical intervention sooner rather than later is always preferable. So, if you are suffering from any of the common health niggles below, make the time to have your concerns properly addressed:

Sudden, Unexplained Weight Loss

You may think that unexpectedly dropping a few pounds without even trying is good news, and that’s why some of us don’t question it. But if you notice a drop in your weight without a correlating lifestyle factor – you aren’t suddenly walking more, or eating more salad and fruit in the warmer weather- then it may be worthwhile questioning why. Sudden and unexplained weight loss is one of the body’s red flag markers, especially if you haven’t become more active or changing your diet. It could flag up a whole host of problems, with causes such as a thyroid disorder or even coeliac disease (an inability to process gluten, found in most carbohydrate products such as bread and pastas) that needs investigating quickly, so book a doctor’s appointment and if they are concerned, they can carry out tests to help pinpoint the cause.

Persistent Back Pain

A huge proportion of adults admit to suffering from back pain ranging from moderate discomfort to extreme flare-ups, and mostly it seems we’re conditioned to think of it as a normal part of life – take some ibuprofen or a heat pack, and continue as normal. But this could be a really bad idea. First off, a chiropractor can help with all types of back pain, so simply booking an appointment with one could actually have a sizable impact on your quality of life. Surely that’s worth an hour out of your day? In older people, ongoing back pain has been linked by a study to early mortality, and that needs to be addressed – the old saying ‘my back is killing me’ could really be true if left untreated.

An Unhealed Sore

If you have a sore that doesn’t seem to be healing itself, don’t just chalk it up to aging slowing the healing process. Unhealed sores may seem like a minor discomfort, but they can be a signal of deeper problems. Types of skin cancer, such as carcinoma or melanoma, can start off like this, or they may be evidence of diseases that affect the blood supply such as diabetes. Indeed, if you are already a diagnosed diabetic, and you have a persistent skin lesion, especially on your foot, you must book in to see the doctor immediately, as diabetic foot ulcers are an extremely series condition, and in the worst case scenario can even lead to amputation, so the sooner you can get these issues looked at, the better.

Dizziness and Disorientation

Feeling dizzy is a transient problem and quite a vague one, so many of us brush it to one side. But if you do experience frequent spells of dizziness, it’s vital to go to a medical professional who can help to track down the root cause. If your dizziness comes after long periods of sitting down or getting out of a hot bath, you may have a condition called postural tachycardia. If the dizzy sensation is accompanied by breathlessness or heart palpitations, it can be anything from a form of an anxiety attack, which requires specialist support such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or something purely physical, such as middle ear infections, labyrinthitis or a symptom of heart disease. If you’re taking any prescription medications, it could also be a reaction to them, a sign of low iron levels and anemia or even certain musculoskeletal condition such as osteoarthritis. With so many possible causes, seeing a doctor as soon as possible is vital.

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