10 Simple Ways To Take Better Care of Yourself

simple ways to take care of yourself

Social media has got us thinking that the perfect self-care is a face mask and bubble bath away. And that everyone has it all together because they posted about the margaritas they made on Insta. Now, if a luxurious bubble bath or a margarita treat is part of your self-care, go ahead and indulge. Maybe self-care is getting your smile back with metal-free dental implants. You do you. But’s that’s not the only way to take care of yourself. 

Nows the time to shake off the idea of perfection and constant comparison. The word ‘self’ is in self-care for a reason. Because it’s all about you. Here are some straightforward techniques you can add to your routine that’ll boost your self-care practice. And the best thing, you can do them as much, or as little, as you want. Whatever suits you. Use them to make yourself feel better, whenever.

1. Make A Note Of 5 Good Things That Happened

Get your pen and paper at the ready. At the end of each day, make an effort to write down 5 things that didn’t suck. It could be anything. The sun beaming, a big cup of coffee. Appreciating good things that happened show that no matter how difficult the day was, there’s always something to be grateful for.

2. Make A Weekly Menu

We all want to have fresh and healthy meals every day. But life gets in the way. Pre-planned meals help eliminate impulse snacks that aren’t so good for us. You don’t have to think on the spot; past you has got it covered. 

3. Personal Dance Party

Modern life is busy. So busy that we forget to have a little fun. Schedule some time to put on your favourite tunes and bust out the moves. You can even invite buddies over and make it a neat way to connect with loved ones.

4. Take 5 Minutes For Yourself Every Day

We’re led to believe that looking after ourselves requires hours of quiet reflection. Or putting loads of effort in. But that’s not true. Taking 5 minutes to disconnect from our phones and just sit works wonders for our minds.

5. Getting Quality Sleep

It should be easy getting quality sleep. But many of us don’t get the recommended 7-9 hours a night. Sleep helps our bodies recharge and process what happened that day. So get that camomile tea at the ready and switch off your alarm. 

6. Start Your Day Right

Morning rituals are really grounding and a great way to step out on the right foot. Find something that works for you and makes you happy. Maybe a quiet cup of coffee outside or listening to your local radio station.

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7. Frankie Says Relax

Meditation is the new big self-care fad. And for a good reason. Meditation reduces your blood pressure and allows you to work through difficult stresses. Don’t be put off, though. You don’t have to invest tonnes of time or effort into it. It’s not about perfection.

8. Say No More

We have high expectations of ourselves to be social butterflies all the time. But it can leave us burnt out. Prioritize yourself over pleasing others. That way, when you do go out, you’ll be at your best.

9. Get Movin’

Getting 30 minutes of activity in a day reaps massive rewards mentally and physically. Getting your sweat on makes your body release endorphins that’ll boost your mood. If the idea of 30 minutes of physical movement brings you out in hives, break it down. Who said you can’t turn that 30 minutes into three 10 minute sessions?

10. Enjoy Eating

Sometimes the hectic nature of life means meals on-the-go. While that’s all well and good, it’s a good idea to make at least one meal a day a relaxed sit-down affair. You’ll appreciate the time to yourself and even enjoy food more. 

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