How To Get Ahead In Your Career With a Type B Personality

Type A people aren’t the only ones that win at life.

In the workplace, Type A personalities are known as being go-getters, competitive, aggressive, and natural-born leaders. But contrary to popular opinion, they aren’t always on the fast track to success – sometimes stress derails their best efforts. Research has found that more than twice as many people with Type A personalities as people with Type B personalities risk developing heart disease. If you’re a Type B personality, it’s a myth to think you won’t achieve your dreams or that you’re lazy. You actually have some some great qualities that will help you succeed in the workplace.

You Don’t Chase Perfection

One of the Type-A personality drawbacks is that they strive for perfection. As a Type B personality, you acknowledge your weaknesses as well as those of others. This makes you a nicer person to work with. It also means that instead of trying to pretend there are no problems in a situation, you find ways around them instead. You are more focused on finding solutions and constructive problem-solving.

You Suffer Less Stress

Stress affects many Type A personalities. However, if you don’t allow stress to get to you, you’re likely to experience fewer stress-related health problems, such as hypertension that can contribute to strokes, heart disease, and cancer. It’s really hard to work your way up the corporate ladder from a hospital bed, so having a healthier lifestyle in which you stress less is beneficial to your career. Not letting stress affect you negatively also gets you to think more clearly at work. A study by TalentSmart found that 90 percent of the best performers control their emotions during stressful times. By keeping a clear head, you can come up with creative, smart solutions to problems – instead of losing sleep over them.

You’re A Great Leader

Taking charge and being intimidating might work for some managers, but one of the most important skills a leader can have is that of listening. A survey by management consulting company DDI found that 41 percent of people think their managers try to understand them only some of the time. As a Type B personality, you’re fine with people taking the lead sometimes, such as during creative brainstorming sessions. This enables you to listen to your employees without being competitive. When you come across as supportive and a genuinely nice person, you make your employees want to be part of your team. The result? Success, because you have a supportive team behind you.

You Stay Focused

Type A personalities tend to work on many projects simultaneously, and they’re always chasing the clock to complete a task as if it’s a matter of life and death. This is not only stressful, but it can prevent them from focusing on making their work amazing. Research has found that multitasking can actually make you less productive. As a Type B personality, working on one task at a time enables you to be creative, avoid distractions, and get more done in your day, which is sure to help you nail that upcoming promotion at work because thorough, high-quality work is your biggest reputation.

Everyone always seems to want to be a Type A personality as it’s often associated with success. But it’s not guaranteed to get you that promotion or corner office. Being a Type B personality can make you just as successful in the workplace – while keep you healthy outside of it.

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