[WATCH] The Founder of Nomadness Travel Tribe Wants Black People To ‘Reclaim The Globe’ And We Are So With It

Evita Robinson TED Talk

Rising collectively to reclaim our ownership in the world.

If you’ve been wondering where Evita Robinson, founder of Nomadness Travel Tribe, has been, look no further – she has not been hiding under a rock in a foreign country. Instead, the creator of the now 17,000+ membership group of black female travelers has been working on stirring up a new conversation around black travel that people need to hear.

Evita was among 23 people who were chosen for the third cohort of the TED Residency. For three and a half months, Evita worked from New York City with her cohort members to fine-tune her admission project, which laid the foundation for a “2.0” version of Nomadness Travel Tribe. What’s next for her company? Evita’s goal is to help her community “BAUCE” up by inviting people of color to not only travel abroad but to also purchase property abroad as well.

Nomadness is one of the largest and original black-owned travel groups in the U.S. Since its inception, the group has grown to have fifty regional ambassadors, curated twenty-six group trips, and also partnered with Issa Rae for their travel web series.

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