5 Smart Tips For Designing An Impressive AF Office

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Impressing the right people at the right time is definitely one of the key elements to being a successful businesswoman, and while there is no single, universal formula that will amaze everyone, it is still possible to impress by just getting your basics right. Aside from the way someone dresses at work, their office décor is always going to be the other most passively impressive factor about them, especially if the individual is in a leadership or managerial role. On that note, let’s now take a look at five simple, yet most impressive, ways to arrange the décor of an office.

Place Your Art Strategically

Every office needs a good piece of art or two, but make sure that the theme of the office goes in with that wall hanging. Additionally, the art should not be distracting from the work itself, meaning that you should choose a piece that complements, rather than contrasts the kind of business that you are in. For example, placing a particularly splendid piece of art just behind your head is a bad idea. While having a fantastic piece in the background may look great in the photographs, it doesn’t work so well when you have clients in there because they will just keep getting distracted by that great art behind your head, even while you are interacting with them! Either choose a different wall to hang your art other than the one behind you, or select smaller, less striking pieces to decorate the wall. In order to find something that would be perfect for the business and the overall theme, it is better to work with an artist and have the piece customized by him/her. Less renowned but extremely talented artists often work for a fraction of what an established artist would charge, so work with a rising talent who will actually work harder.

Highlight Your Achievements

There is a time and place for modesty, but in business, there’s hardly room for any of that. After all, marketing is essential and crucial to the success of any brand these days and before you start selling your products/services to your clients, it is important to establish yourself as someone who is credible enough to actually know what they are talking about. In order to establish that credibility, always highlight your achievements by getting them framed and mounted. Since the framing is pretty much the first thing that everyone will notice, be sure to get it done from an experienced and professional diploma framing service like Church Hill Classics (this company have 25 years of experience crafting frames) because they know just how to do it right. The placement of the framed diplomas and other achievements is also extremely important; they need to be in the most visible sections of the office, catching the attention of everyone automatically. In fact, framed diplomas are great decorative items to place on the wall directly behind you as well, because unlike art, it augments your professional presence instead of distracting from it.

The Lighting is All Important

The lighting in an office will make any décor come to life, so it is important to keep the following points in mind while arranging them:

  • Glaring bright overhead lights are a bad idea
  • Keep the reflected glare from glass and shiny surfaces in mind while placing the light sources
  • Desk lighting will always work and is essential
  • Accent lighting to highlight your diplomas and other achievements is advised
  • Dimmer switches are excellent for setting the mood according to the time of the day or the occasion
  • The light sources themselves should match the theme of the interior décor perfectly

Make It Functional

While impressive décor will create the first impression, the functionality of your office will be important in making that good impression last. A truly intelligent design makes the two work together by making most of the office equipment a part of the décor itself. Do away with the wires whenever possible and hide the rest with clever cable management techniques. Avoid clutter at all times and most importantly, make sure that every piece of equipment, from the computers to the printers are running smoothly. It will portray a sense of efficiency, which is primarily what every client is always looking for.

Keep Your Clients in Mind

Everything we just discussed is important, but they are quite universal in nature. In order to customize your interiors adequately and impress your specific clientele, it is important to understand what would appeal to them more. Similar to how a marketing campaign is designed for appealing to the target audience, designing the office in ways that would appeal to your target audience is also crucial in impressing them.

As a bonus tip, remember to set the design aside from the generic molds specific to every profession. Even if the difference is slight in nature, it should be enough to set your office apart from that of the competition.

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1 Comment

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