3 Permanent Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make For Your Health Right Now

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A sedentary life is no buneo, mami.

It’s understandable that you might not have the healthiest routine in the modern world. We all lead busy lives, but many of us also lead very sedentary lives. We spend most of the day sitting down, we stare at screens constantly, and we sleep poorly. Let’s discuss some solutions to these problems.

1. Get into a regular exercise routine

The best way to make a permanent improvement to your health is to get into a regular exercise routine. If you’ve tried out gym memberships before and found yourself only going once or twice a month then you obviously won’t have seen any changes in your overall physical or mental health. You need to exercise regularly to see an improvement. If you don’t enjoy a certain form of exercise (such as going to the gym) then you need to find something that works for you. Maybe you could join a dance class if you enjoy socializing and trying new things; you’d be exercising without even thinking about it.

Of course, your health standards might have slipped because you got older and exercise became more of a strain. As a child, endlessly running around is fun; once you hit your twenties or thirties, running around can start to feel like a chore. If you’ve been suffering from foot and ankle pain that’s stopped you from being able to remain physically active then you might want to seek medical help to get you back on your feet. There shouldn’t be any excuses stopping you from exercising regularly. If you want to make a permanent improvement to your health then you need to find a way to keep your body moving on a regular basis.

2. Put a stop to bad habits

If you really want to make a permanent improvement to your health then you should put a stop to bad habits. We should allow ourselves occasional treats in life, but you need to master the art of moderation. Overindulgence can gradually leave a mark on your health. As mentioned by Ahyana King in one of our own articles on this site, bad eating and drinking habits during your twenties can impact your wellbeing in your fifties. Your unhealthy habits can have negative long-term consequences even if you don’t notice the impact on your health in the present day. It’s better to put a stop to bad habits whilst you’re still young rather than waiting until the damage has been done.

3. Start sleeping properly

We all know that sleep deprivation is unhealthy. You can feel how unhealthy it is. When you’ve had a bad night’s sleep, your body lacks energy and your mind struggles to concentrate. Sleep is necessary for the healing and recovery of your brain and body, but many of us struggle to doze off. And there are many reasons for that in the modern world. In one survey, participants who used apps before bed experienced low-quality sleep, and applicants who avoided phone apps rated their sleep a perfect 5.

Correlation doesn’t tell us everything, but it’s clear that stimulating the brain before you go to bed can affect your ability to sleep. As for the effect on your health, reducing your sleep by one and a half hours can reduce your alertness by 32% the following day. In the long-term, this can affect your cognitive ability. It can also put a strain on your mental health because you’ll feel out of sync with the rest of the world. If you want to improve your health in the present and the future then you need to prioritize sleep.

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