How to Pass an Employment Background Check

Job hunting is a long process. It’s not easy to find a proper job for your education, experience, and skills. Sometimes, you find a perfectly suitable job for everything you have and everything you can do, you apply and go to the interview, but they never call you back. Why? It could be that the HR didn’t like your haircut, or you don’t have the required charisma for the position; no one can predict how HRs think and what’s the mindset of each one of them. We know for sure that all HRs do an online background check for you, a future employee. A lot of things are going to be revealed about you from there. What to do, and how to pass an employment background check? But before getting into it, check out the best background check services.

Know your employer

As I just stated before, HRs don’t all think the same way. Some are easy-going, some are stubborn, and work by the book. Each HR has its standards. Some issues might seem like a disaster and not a big deal for others. When HR does his tricks and runs a check for your background, all your past is there. You need to know the red lines that you can’t overcome. If your history is full of things that are considered red lines for your employer, save your face and don’t apply.

Turn the tables

You’ve known a lot about your employer and learned how he thinks, what matters and doesn’t matter to him. Be one more step ahead of him and run your background check. You think you know what you’ve done and what to expect from the check, but you need to read the same content that your employer will be reading. To know how your information sounds, and maybe you’ve done something you think won’t be included in the check, but it is. An excellent way to protect yourself and know what you can’t lie about.

Know your criminal record

This part is the most important for employers. That’s what matters the most to them. Arrests are not a significant stigma to your background, but convictions are. There’s no fixed period for all countries or states, but the minimum is five years. You should be a clean and a good citizen without being convicted for no less than five years. Some companies don’t hire employees with a criminal record, even if it’s long ago, especially if the crime is relevant to the job. Research the company’s terms and policies before applying to their jobs.

Actual education only

You can’t just go around lying about the number of certificates that you’ve spent your whole bright life accumulating. Courses, institutes, and universities that you’ve never been to, knowledge and information about things you’ve never even heard of cannot be lied about, my friend. You’d look like a fool if you did. Even if you don’t have that perfect education, list the real experiences only. Your story and your CV should match the check.

Take care of your driver’s license

Even if you’re not applying for a driver job, this part will be checked out carefully. Any violations will result in losing a little bit of your chance. Driving under the influence of drugs and arrests are serious issues. I’m not saying it’ll cancel your job application, but you have to be careful about your driver’s license and not break the laws.


Yep, some companies do a drug test to make sure you’re sober and not an addict. Maybe you’re using a prescribed medication, but it includes some substances considered to be drugs. Know about your medicines and the banned substances. Try not to be an addict, and you’re all set to take and pass the test.

You’re an open book

Going to an interview is like stepping to the court stand. You should swear to yourself that you’re going to say the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Not because you’re straight, honest, and pure-hearted, but because you have no other choice. Any lie that contradicts what the check says will result in your exclusion. Honesty is the best policy.


Passing the background check is not hard, and you all will probably do. After making sure you have a spotless history, don’t stop investing in your education, experiences, and certifications. A clean background is essential to get to the work field, but getting there with a clean background and not very interesting CV is not an option. Both are equally important and should be accompanied to get where you want.

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