Here Are Security Tips For Preventing House Break-ins

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Do you know that millions of homes are invaded by burglars each year? In fact, according to studies, houses located in the safest towns can still experience break-ins. Home invasions can happen anywhere at any time, which is why it’s vital to ensure that your house is highly secured and protected. Doing so will not only protect your valuables from theft but also reduce the risk of someone in your family getting hurt.

While there’s no sure-fire way to totally prevent your house from damage or danger, there are several steps that you can take to reduce the risk of break-ins. Read on to find out the best preventive measures you should consider to give you more peace of mind.

1. Improve entry security

Most of the time, standard door locks don’t seem to work anymore, especially with sophisticated burglars. With that in mind, you should be smart in making your home’s entry points more difficult. Instead of relying on cheap door locks, you can buy an adjustable door security bar, which is perfect for enhance your entry security. This prevents the burglars from opening the door even after picking the lock.

You can also consider investing in thicker doors that readily look tough to break through. Furthermore, keep in mind that windows can also be an entryway, so be sure they are thick enough and properly secure. You can install locks and latches on every window for extra security.

2. Take advantage of lighting

Installing bright outdoor lights is one of the best ways to deter house break-ins. Thieves love targeting homes that are located in a dark area or are difficult to see. By having bright outdoor lights, your home can be highly visible to passersby or neighbors and easily notice unusual onlookers. Get some lights for your front porch or install street lights too. Among the best options are motion sensor lights, which you can install in the entrances and corners of your house or garage. It’s also recommended to always leave some interior lights open when leaving the house to give off a feeling that there’s someone inside.

3. Avoid an empty look

Speaking of creating an illusion that someone is home, leave those indoor lights on! Besides that, you can turn on the radio or the television if you’re running even just a quick errand outside. This is a smart way to deter suspicious onlookers or thieves.

Another important thing you should never forget when you won’t be home for several days or longer is your mail or deliveries. Newspapers or mails that are not collected are already obvious signs that no one’s home, making your house a shining target for burglars. If you are expecting packages, have a friend or neighbor collect them for you. Make sure to also call your mail service and request to temporarily stop the delivery at your house until you’re not home.

4. Have an indoor dog

If you’re a pet lover, this advice might be the most ideal for you. Because let’s face it, most of the sophisticated thieves already know how security systems work. In fact, many homeowners can attest that dogs are sometimes the most effective alarm systems. If you have a dog-free home, then it’s most likely a hot target for burglars. There are many dogs out there that need a home so try to consider adopting one. They can help you prevent house break-ins, and not to mention, they are amazing companions too! Still, having a dog can be expensive, and it takes a lot of responsibility too.

5. Back up and hide

In situations where break-ins are inevitable, it’s best to be prepared. Electronics like laptops and phones are hot targets for burglars. Ensure your important files, photos, or videos are all backed up on the cloud. Or, if you prefer using a portable hard drive, hide it in an innocuous spot like the laundry room or kitchen pantry. If you have cash savings or fancy items in the house, be sure to keep them hidden in an assuming storage area. Find some secret hiding spots in your home. If your home is broken into, it’s safe to leave and call the authorities. Those valuables are never worth your life.

It’s a fact that house break-ins can take ab emotional and financial toll for any homeowner. You can lose your big investments, or worst, valuable items with sentimental value. Be prepared and upgrade your property’s security level by carrying out these simple upgrades. Some of them might cost upfront cash but can save you a lot more in the long run.

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