From Purpose to Plan and Purpose Again

You, my friend, have purpose. You have a dream. You have a goal. You have a vision. Even if someone has the same concept as you, they don’t see things like you. No one can! That’s the difference. That is the “wow” factor! It’s not stupid. It’s not little. You can do it!

Many times WE are our biggest adversaries. The highest hurdle in pursuing our purpose is to get “me” out of the way. Yes, we want to establish ourselves but the best way to do this is by creating with purpose to help someone else. Don’t get distracted! I say that, but it happens to everyone. Distractions take many forms. This could be unrealistic expectations, a person, or priorities like school work or bills. These are very real and very present valid concerns. Anyone who has ever tried anything proactive knows that for every action there is an equal and opposite force trying to keep you where you are or push you back. Pursuing your dreams can feel a lot like war. The process can be unpredictable and overwhelming. We need a plan.

“The perfect plan!” in my best Mr. Moviefone voice. There have been countless movie trailers dedicated to this very thing. Spoiler Alert! Even if you haven’t seen the movie, we all know it doesn’t work out the way they thought it would. So, what is a plan? And why is it necessary? Well, we need to know where we are going. Think of a plan as an itinerary. The systematic arrangement necessary to make regular contributions in the direction of your goal. A plan shows intention and the decision to pursue BEFORE we have actually done anything. We talked about a vision beyond yourself. Start by objectively identifying WHO this is for. Then search the SOURCE of the PROBLEM or challenge to PRODUCE a SOLUTION. Write it down! Text it to yourself! Email it to yourself!

Create a vision board around that idea! Make it plain. Place it where you can see it often. Like that scene where Leonardo is painting Rose in the Titanic? She is the vision! She is the itinerary (side-eye). This part in the process serves to encourage you throughout the journey. Plans remind us why the vision is necessary and worth pursuing. This, my friend, is a really really good start. We have a vision and a plan. Unfortunately, even David Tutera knows planning isn’t enough. At the end of the day a plan is just a detailed proposal. A suggestion. We want the best possible outcome! Therefore, we need a strategy to implement the plan.

Strategies and plans are similar but they’re not quite the same. One without the other is like executing a fierce up-do without searching for enough bobby pins first. The process will take twice as long. Strategy is HOW we establish the decision to pursue a vision. This is the ACTION of contributing in the direction of your goal. This is where the work lives. The strategy portion is also where you have the most artistic license. Start by creating objectives. Goals within the ultimate goal. The best method is to follow SMART criteria. These objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound. This part in the process also serves to encourage you. Purpose to purpose and by vision to vision. It is impossible to achieve or navigate success without strategy. Success encourages people to succeed. Even in the moments when you are feeling discouraged you’re placement in the plan is a milestone. Don’t forget to celebrate!

I suggest that you have a select few to hold you accountable and celebrate your success. Sometimes we need people outside of our head to refocus our efforts. We may be the distraction! If you are in a place where you are distracted recognize it as a distraction. Call it by name and cross the street. Physically and mentally create distance. Evaluate your expectations and set a standard. If it’s your boo, do what’s best for you and if it is them, they will understand. If work is distracting you from your goals, plan your day or weeks so that it doesn’t consume you. Purpose your time. If it’s bills, PAY THEM. It’ll buy you at least a month.

Do something in the direction of your vision. Also, don’t be discouraged when things don’t go according to l plan. In order for your vision to be effective the approach needs to be relatable. Set standards but be flexible. Many things are subject to change, and that is okay. You may even discover that you changed your mind along the way and that’s okay too. This is a lot. It’s tough but we started this by saying you can do it, and you still can!

This is your purpose and it’s not going to go away! Start by sharing below and keep us updated on your progress! Be encouraged!

This post was originally written for BAUCE by A.Vee Thee VibeRant.

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