How to Write A Cover Letter That Grabs A Hiring Manager’s Attention

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In case you have been wondering about just how important an excellent cover letter is, allow me to inform you, there is more to the cover letter than merely introducing the details and factual information in your extensive resume.

Your resume is a fundamental revision of your specific capabilities, essential skills, and experience but your cover letter allows you to not introduce yourself and make an impression when you cannot do it in person. The cover letter represents an opportunity for you to convince the reader about what you can do for them.

The Purpose Of The Cover Letter

A well-written cover letter represents an essential element of your application and can also influence the reader that your application is worth the time that will be spent reviewing your application. There is a reasonable likelihood that your application is one of many others who will applicants who likely have the same experience and necessary skills to offer. The goal of the cover letter is to ensure your applications will stand out and persuades the reader that your application is out of the ordinary.  

It Is Not Simply A last Minute Effort

I recently came across an informative article on constructing a consulting resume letter by MyConsultingCoach that highlighted the fundamental importance of a well-planned and professionally structured cover letter. It is essential to remember a good cover letter starts with planning. Take the time to properly assemble, arrange and put together the necessary information before commencing with the first draft the cover letter.

Get A Second Opinion

Get a friend or family member to look at the finished draft and offer their opinion. There are in addition, a few services or freelancers that offer their services to assist in reviewing or editing the draft cover letter. Rewrite and carefully revise the draft until you are satisfied that your cover letter supports your resume and is a good representation of who you are.

Tips To Remember When Writing Your Cover Letter

There are a few valuable tips and points to remember when preparing and composing your cover letter. Here are a few valuable tips to assist you to get started on preparing your own cover letter. These tips include:

  • Ensure to carefully note any specifics requested by the prospective employee. Make sure to pay attention to key requirements about what to include or typically exclude in the application.
  • Your cover letter should always be specific to the company. A generic cover letter does not show effort or your attention to detail.
  • Ensure the letter is carefully structured. A well-structured cover letter should always include an:
    • Introduction
    • The body of the cover letter should be arranged in key paragraphs. Remember to cover one key topic per paragraph but restrict your paragraphs to four. Paragraphs should cover a few points like:
      • Introducing yourself, let the reader know who you are and the position you are applying for.
      • Reinforcing the required skills: Positively reinforce your essential skills specified in your resume without coming across as bragging. Remember this is not a comprehensive summary but rather an introduction of what it is to come in the details provided in your resume.
      • Highlight your successful history and how you acquired the specific skills and experience.
    • The closing should encourage the reader to want to know more and make it easy for them to navigate the details provided in your resume.
  • Remember to limit your cover letter to one page.
  • Be creative with the content of your letter but keep the formant professional and standard.

Key things to Remember

  • Your cover letter must not be a comprehensive summary of your resume. Do not repeat what already appears in your resume but reinforce your skills to show what you have to offer the employer. Positively reinforce your specific skills and how they functionally relate to the position you are applying for.
  • Align your cover letter with the vision, values, and culture of the company you are applying to. Not merely does it show you took the time to carefully research the company but also presents you with the opportunity for you to show you are an excellent fit for the position.
  • A good cover letter is one that is tailored to the company’s values and culture.
  • Do not overlook the basics like grammar, punctuation or personally addressing individually addressing the letter to the company, and or an individual. These minor details show the time and effort put into preparing your cover letter.

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