We Created This Playlist To Celebrate the Queen In You

I understood the pain of heartbreak before I ever felt true love. My hips swayed to rhythms my mind never knew, but my bones could not forget. I am even sure I sang about making love before I knew how babies were made. This is the power of music. A sonic and physical reminder that yes, your heart beats, honey, and you are… feeling. What a beautiful indication that you are alive and well. Music is the right answer to every question. It is an archive of things seen and unseen. A true example of an out-of-body experience.

As a music enthusiast and late-night groove machine, I am excited to announce that BAUCE is on Spot-i-fy! We are making our debut with grace and style by releasing our first playlist: “Queendom.” Featuring everything from “Womanifesto” by lyrical genius Jill Scott to 80s classics like “Love Come Down,” by Evelyn Champagne King — we’ve got you covered. These songs are by women, for women, to most importantly celebrate the BAUCE woman and queen in you.

This hour-long music selection can get you through a tedious ride home, add a kick to your Sunday afternoon laundry session, or give you that classic BAUCE girl glow when you’re feeling low. With feel-good artists such as Tweet, Patrice Rushen, and Rihanna alongside newer talents like Joyce Wrice and Kelela, there is an abundance of vibes to choose from.

Celebrate the beauty of life in audible form. And follow our account to get updated on new playlists that we release!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. makishanoel

    September 9, 2017 at 9:49 pm

    Hey there! Who created this illustration? I’d like to share it but would also like to give the person credit. Thanks BAUCE!

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