6 Things You Can Do To Maintain Your Healing Crystal Ring

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Crystal rings are the most common way people carry around their healing crystals with them throughout the day. It is easier to feel the ring at all times, thus, helping them feel balanced and constantly protected. However, since it is always with you when you go out and about your day, it is prone to getting dirty or damaged. Hence, maintaining it is essential. Here’s how you can do that.

1. Use A Toothpick

Being constantly exposed to dirt and dust when worn on your finger, the ring is bound to collect some deposit in its cracks and crevices. If your ring has engravings, design around the stone, or some latticework on the ring band, it will start looking darker due to the filthy deposit. Using gentle cleaning techniques can help. 

Soak the ring in warm water for a bit and use a toothpick to remove the accumulated dirt gently. Don’t rush or you’ll end up damaging the gemstone. Then, dip the ring back into the water to remove any leftover dirt.

2. Use A Gentle Brush

Soft brushes are the ideal choice when cleaning crystal rings. You can buy baby brushes designed for children below the age of two, as they have very soft bristles. 

Some brushes are specially made for cleaning delicate jewelry, such as nose rings, rings, and pendants. You should look for one to easily clean your ring at home.

3. Try A Soapy Bath

The perfect way to get rid of dirt and bring back the ring’s shine is to give it a warm bath. Use a safe cleaning liquid, depending on the gemstone on your ring, and add it to a pot full of lukewarm water. Ensure that you have enough lather and let the ring soak instead of scrubbing it straightaway.

4. Use Safe Cleaning Solutions

Choosing a cleaning liquid from the sea of products on the market is daunting. However, before you go out on a hunt for one, ensure you know all about your gemstone and which solution wouldn’t harm the surface. For instance, ammonia and chloride-based industry-grade solutions can damage certain crystals like pearls and opals.

5. Dip It In Wood Chips

Once your ring is out of the water bath, picked, and brushed to perfection, the next step is drying. However, patting down the ring on a washcloth or towel can cause watermarks to appear on the crystal. You could even end up scratching the surface. To avoid it altogether, bury your ring in a bed of maple wood chips. 

After some time, take the ring out and blow-dry to remove the chips. Your ring would be clean, dry, and without any watermarks. Most professional jewelers use this technique to clean big stones and delicate pendants. 

6. Try The Ultrasonic Cleaner

Even though this is a professional piece of equipment, you can go out of your way to source it for your personal use. It is an industry-grade machine that has a cavity where water and solvent are added. The ring is immersed in the liquid, and a high-frequency sound wave is passed through it to clean the ring surface. 

Not every kind of gemstone can be cleaned using this machine, such as pearls or emeralds. So make sure to know more about your crystal before investing in this machine.

Conviction and commitment to any form of healing practice help you feel the desired result. Whether it is an actual effect of the method or your mind playing tricks on you to believe what you want to see, everything falters when you wish for something with faith. When hoping for a healing practice to do its magic in your life, taking care of it with the same devotion is the one thing you must do. 

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