6 Places That You Should Visit Alone to Find Solitude

girl walking alone in the woods

Have you ever turned down the music in your car when you got lost? Chances are you did it subconsciously because tuning out other sounds helps you to focus on finding your way again. That’s what solitude is, tuning out other noises to help you concentrate.

While solitude may seem to be another term for loneliness, it actually is the practice of taking timeout for yourself, away from the demands and neediness of family, friends, significant others, and other responsibilities that come with the turf.

Time spent alone is beneficial for thinking through conflicts, creative planning and finding oneself. Solitude doesn’t have to be a three-month trip to rainforests in the Amazon to learn to live off of the land. Instead, here are six places to visit alone to find peace and collect your thoughts.

Visit your local library or bookstore

Although it may feel that libraries and bookstores are outdated, they are actually a great place to get away. As a rule everyone there is an unspoken agreement of silence at the library. Plus there’s plenty of room to sit down, switch off your phone, and enjoy a good read.

campingTake a walk at the park

Parks seem to always be full of people from tourists to locals who enjoy the great outdoors. Take a blanket and some headphones. Feel free to lie back and let the wind gently blow over you while you listen to your favorite tunes and do absolutely nothing.

Enjoy the beauty of nature by hiking

Get in touch with your inner self by taking a hike. The beauty of nature will help clear your mind and you’ll get your blood flowing with a vigorous walk. There are generally several rests stops along a hiking trail where you can take a break, write in your journal, and snap some great photos.

Road tripping

Your car presents the perfect solitude session on wheels. Taking a trip alone is actually not as odd as it seems. A brief weekend getaway is a great opportunity to clear your head, learn about a different city, and awaken yourself to new experiences. Distance makes the heart fonder and a break from a standard routine may be just what you need.

Going to the movies

Catching a movie alone is another way to disconnect. Since viewers are encouraged to turn off their cell phones, you won’t be tempted to constantly check email, answer text messages or look at other social media sites. Movies give you a chance to enter someone else’s reality and take a timeout from your own.

Browsing your local museum

Browsing through a history museum or art gallery is another way to get away from distractions and clear your head. Plus, you just might be creatively inspired to work on your own hobbies and crafts.

Solitude has its benefits to help us enhance our lives and return to the fray refreshed, rejuvenated and with a slightly different perspective. Taking time for yourself is essential to help you on your journey to becoming your best self.

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1 Comment

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