6 Awesome Reasons to Try Roller Derby

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Roller derby was born in 1935. At the time, the idea of women playing contact sports was unheard of. It was a sport before its time. Unapologetic, aggressive, and filled with women with huge personalities and characters, roller derby has never quite made the mainstream, despite frequently selling out arenas over the years. It’s a sport with something of a cult following, one that’s evolved and grown over the decades, with feminism always at its heart. Those that love it, breathe roller derby. But many of us have only heard of it if we’ve seen the film Whip It with Drew Barrymore. 

If you’ve never considered playing roller derby, or your knowledge of the sport is limited, or even non-existent, here are 6 of the reasons why you should give it a go. 

It’s Inclusive

There are often physical reasons why we’re not cut out for certain sports. We’re told that we aren’t tall enough to play basketball, our legs aren’t long enough to sprint, we don’t have the shoulders to swim, and so on. Roller Derby is different. Whatever your body shape, wherever your strength lies, there’s a place on a team for you. 

Roller Derby is a Great Way to Make Friends

Roller Derby requires personal strength and skill, but it is very much a team sport. You’ll train and compete with your team. You’ll spend free time with them, you’ll all support each other, and you’ll become far more than a team. When you play roller derby you make friends for life. 

It’s Cool

Let’s face it, roller derby is cooler than most team sports. You’re encouraged to show your personality and get creative, and you’ll look fantastic doing it. All derby roller skating gear is cool, and you’ll look and feel amazing when you hit the track. You can even get a cool roller derby name. 

It’s an Amazing Workout

Roller Derby is both a fabulous cardio workout and a way to build physical strength. You’ll gain muscle, lose body fat, increase your cardio performance, boost blood flow, and decrease your risks of countless health conditions. You can burn up to 450 calories in 30 minutes of roller derby. 

Roller Derby is Good for Your Mental Health

Exercise, and spending time with friends are always good for your mental health, but roller derby has another big benefit. It’s aggressive. If you are dealing with stress, have a lot on your mind, or are otherwise struggling, practicing an aggressive sport is a very positive way to channel that negative energy. 

It’s a Mental Workout Too

Roller Derby is more than just skating around a track and knocking people down. To score the most points, you need to understand the strategy and the importance of the right formations. You’ll learn the rules, different strategies, and become much better at estimating distance and speed. 

The best news is, Roller Derby is a growing international sport. There are leagues and teams all around the country, but it’s becoming more popular around the world, as more people look to reap the benefits of this fantastically exciting sport.

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