5 Signs Your Roommate Has A Drinking Problem – And Why You Should Address It

Two girls drinking together

When the going gets heavy, every “bauce” needs to blow off some of her concealed steam one way or another. And when the time feels right, indulging in a few fun and flirty libations with her roommates, whether she chooses to hit the social scene or kick it in her cozy apartment, is usually the right remedy.

But, when the light, ordinary social drinker turns into a full-fledged rowdy (or quiet) chick with a drinking problem? Well, plain and simple – the girl begins to lose her title as a “bauce.” So, when is it time to step in, both as a roommate and as a genuinely trusted gal pal?

Begin by detecting these five tell-all signs to reveal whether or not your roommate may be changing into a swerving and troublesome alcoholic:

1.She keeps a bottle of bourbon whiskey hidden by her bed for a quick pick-me up.

2.Before or during a stressful situation, she consistently resorts to drinking in excess.

3. She justifies drinking as a reward when it is not necessarily valid.

4. After drinking solo in her room, she not only attempts to hit the local bar alone, but also plans to leave her cell phone behind.

5. When out at an establishment with friends, she drinks to the point where she can no longer form coherent sentences, would potentially cheat on her significant other and/or has to be carried out and taken home.

Do these five signs ring a bell? If so, it may be time to step in and show your roommate that you not only care for her well being, but that you are also honestly concerned for her overall health.

Now, this does not mean that confronting the drinker is going to be an easy feat, but here are some helpful tips and warnings to nudge you further in the right direction:

  • Go into the conversation with an open-mind. You may be surprised at how your roommate perceives the situation at hand.
  • Do not feel as though you have to approach the problem with kindness - be firm, but also be tactful.
  • Make it clear to your roommate that you not only dislike the problem, but that it is beginning to affect you and others around you.
  • Know your own limits within the conversation, which means to avoid lecturing and/or preaching. If the conversation gets heated, take a step back.

Best of luck, ladies.

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