3 Shocking Things You Are Doing That Cause Early Wrinkles

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The lifestyle you lead and the actions you take could mean you’re deserving of your own wrinkles.

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Listen, there’s no easy way to break it to you. The lifestyle you lead and the actions you take could mean you’re deserving of your own early wrinkles. That’s hard to take, but hear out the argument. We have become accustomed to a way of life that is detrimental to our skin. We take physical enjoyment more seriously than our looks and consequently, the latter ends up paying for it in the long-term. Now, there’s nothing wrong with living a healthy leisure-filled life, but sometimes it’s far too much. If you’re guilty of any of these things, stop right now and change course.

Too much sun

Studies have shown that the absolute number one skin-damaging aspect of our lives is too much sun. we simply sunbathe too much, don’t wear enough sunscreen in our day-to-day lives and we think the sun is more good for us than it actually is. Yes, you should be getting 30-minutes of direct sunlight a day. This is because our skin needs vitamin D. However, this is with sunscreen not without it. If you live in a sunny part of the country like LA or Miami, you should never be leaving your house without a layer of sunscreen. A small bottle of sunscreen should be in your handbag, car glove compartment, and even in your drawer at your work desk. If you want your skin to remain plump past 30, please start treating the sun with caution.

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Relax with the makeup

Ladies, we know you need to look at your best almost every day. We all have our braless, pajama and t-shirt days but when we’re going out to work and to the club, we want to look glam-fabulous. Your skin cannot take too much makeup without suffering. You’re clogging up the pores, preventing your skin from breathing, secreting natural oils, and receiving fresh blood supply. We have to be willing to either learn more ‘less is more’ makeup tips or just go outside au naturel more often. Putting makeup on, then taking it off, then cleansing your skin, etc. It’s just asking too much of your skin if you do this seven days a week non-stop. So stop!

Your posture while looking at screens

Modern lifestyles allow us to watch our favorite shows in bed. Propping up a pillow against the headboard, lying back and looking down at your smartphone is how many people consume their favorite shows. But that can lead to the unexpected of all early wrinkles; the neckbands. When your chin is tucked into your chest for long periods of time, what do you expect to happen? C’mon girls, let’s think through our actions a little more. You can use cosmetic services to quickly reduce wrinkles like this but catch them as early as you can and change how you lie in bed to watch your shows. Better year, sit up straight and watch your shows, or lie down and go to sleep. No more halfway house!

Ladies, we need to stop treating the sun like it’s the most important friend in our lives. Our skin needs time to recover from 8-hours a day of makeup. So spare it a day or two every week to cleanse itself 

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