Is New Always Better When It Comes To Buying A Car?

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Maybe you’re buying your first car, or perhaps the time has come to let go of your old banger and turn it in for something a little newer. Whatever the reason, you may find yourself faced with one big dilemma – should you buy a brand new car, or opt for a used one? While the automotive market is full of some pretty impressive second-hand vehicles, not least including an array of Nissan, Honda and Renault used cars, minis and more, no one can deny the allure of picking up a brand new, never-before driven gem from the dealership. But is it always better? We’re exploring deeper, below.

For The Old

Any vehicle that’s had a previous owner is considered a used car, whether it’s done 1,000 miles, or 100,000 miles. For this reason, it’s impossible to group each and every used car into the same category, but there are a few benefits that these have in common:


If you’ve got your eye set on a particular make or model, a used version could mean paying a lot less than you would for a brand new one. Consider that at only a fraction of the price you can polish a used car and make it look almost brand new. In the first year alone, even fresh models can lose value and be available at a fraction of their original cost. For those on stricter budgets, buying a car from the year before that may have had a previous owner can give you all of the benefits of a brand new car, without a huge price tag.


On a similar strain, used and older cars typically have lower insurance costs as the car is worthless. For this reason, it’s a better long-term investment to opt for an older and ultimately cheaper car. You can also escape the necessity of paying for Gap Insurance – a policy that ensures you are provided with the full value of the car, even as it loses worth.

The Issues Have Already Been Worked Out

Practically every new model experiences issues within its the first year. This can be as simple as a fault with the satellite navigation system, or problems with the emissions control; regardless, buying a car that’s already gotten through that year means you can get a better insight into what to expect if you do choose to opt for the model.

For The New

Shiny, sleek and undeniably exciting – buying a new car is a thrill in and of itself before you even hit the road. While used cars offer cheaper alternatives and the benefit of already knowing potential first-year issues, new cars certainly have their own benefits:


New cars are becoming more and more safe with every model that’s released. We’re finding new intelligent safety features becoming standard on most new cars, whether that’s crash protection in the way of seatbelts, collision-avoiding technologies and at a baser level, a car body and frame that can more effectively withstand an impact. These features make driving safer than it’s ever been before.


While emissions might not be the first thing on your mind, the fact that more and more cities in the world are beginning to place restrictions and taxes for those with high-emission vehicles has made this an increasingly important problem. Newer cars typically emit less CO2 and other harmful substances, offering a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly drive.


There’s a reason that new cars don’t need an MOT for the first three years – they’re thought to be much more reliable than a used vehicle. You can rely on the fact that a manufacturer has to produce a highly safe and reliable vehicle in order for it to reach the market, and you’ll know that no other drivers have had the opportunity to damage or wear down key parts of the car. Of course, there are the first-year issues to worry about, but these are often minor and most drivers will agree that they aren’t enough to put them off of buying new.

New or used, choosing a car can often be more than just picking one you like. From worrying about insurance costs or emission levels to the overall cost of the car and long-term investments you’ll need to make, neither new or used cars seem to be better than one another. It seems to be a matter of personal preference and priority – which will you pick?

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