It’s Just Hair!

By Jessica Smith

I never understood why women are so crazy about hair. I mean it’s just hair! Me personally, I’ve done it all, Weaves, short cuts, braids, kinky twist, relaxed and natural and the whole time I’ve always said “it’s just hair.” In all the situations I’ve obligated myself to I absolutely refuse to commit to a hairstyle. Why? One season it’s in and the next time you see it the next woman will always say “that was so 2 weeks ago.”

Just recently I relaxed my hair again after being natural about 8 months. The look on my roommate’s faces was classic as I came home with my new sleek do. Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is. Prior to the 8 months of being natural I relaxed my hair once before after being natural for 18 months. I can’t help it! I change my hair just as much as I change my clothes—totally surprised I don’t wear wigs—but I need options people!

I know you’re probably worrying your brains out about the damage I’m doing to my hair and what other people think and what it says about my character—STOP. Once again, it’s just hair! Secondly, what others think completely doesn’t matter as long as I am happy with who I am. Women treat hair like it’s air—vital for existence. Hair is just an asset but not who we are as individuals. So why does all of our worth rest in it. I think India Arie said it best with her 2007 hit “I am NOT my hair.” Women we are beautiful: short hair, long hair, relaxed or natural.

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