If You’re Starting A Business, Use These Tools To Protect Your Information

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The need for protecting customer data and private information in businesses has risen in the last decade. This is because of the advancement of technology that has allowed anyone to get access to personal data threatening the privacy of many firms. Protecting the data of an organization and private information about customers is essential for any business. This is because it ensures private information does not land in the wrong hands, which may lead to adverse effects such as blackmailing, carding, or extortion.

The following are some of the essential tech services that organizations need to have to ensure their data is protected. You’ll learn what essential items, like 4D Data Centres, can help you create a secure environment for your organization.

1. Encryption software

This is an essential tool for protecting sensitive data in an organization. High-quality email encryption software allows a business to protect its emails from phishing and malicious cyber attacks that happen daily. Most companies nowadays use emails to share valuable data, such as financial records, bank statements, and business plans. Using email encryption software ensures all this information is kept safe from theft.

2. HITRUST for healthcare business

HITRUST provides healthcare organizations with an extra layer of security when it comes to sensitive data and information. Many people think in terms of HITRUST vs HIPAA, but the two are not opposing forces. HITRUST is a comprehensive, certifiable, and prescriptive framework that is used by businesses to access, share, create, and exchange any regulated or sensitive data which falls under HIPAA regulations. Businesses in the healthcare industry can use HITRUST to protect patient information and history. The healthcare industry uses a lot of private information from patients; thus, the need to have a secure way to access and exchange this information.

3. Use firewalls and access controls

Businesses should use firewalls and access controls to verify the identity of those trying to access information. Access controls that companies can incorporate in their businesses include passwords, fingerprint readers, authentication requirements, and biometric systems. For instance, for law firms, they need to set up passwords on all their computers so that sensitive data for ongoing and closed cases can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

4. Back up any critical data

If an organization experiences a data breach, chances are that the data they have will be compromised or lost. This means if the organization attempts to reinstall their systems, they cannot because they have lost all their critical data. Most organizations in the manufacturing and agricultural industry use cloud-based systems and storage to backup critical data. However, it is essential to note that using cloud storage does not guarantee the safety of sensitive data. Security measures need to be put in place to ensure the backed up data on the cloud storage is safe and secure.

5. Perform security audits

For businesses that keep sensitive financial, personal, and medical records, it is essential to perform security audits regularly. Routine security audits are performed by professionals to ensure there are no potential data breaches in the internal systems, and all anti-viruses are functioning correctly. Performing audits is essential as it helps one detect any data breaches early, and take action before they cause any damage to the business. A security audit will also provide a business with recent security measures that are effective in eliminating cyber attacks.

While technology services provide businesses with convenient tools and services for data privacy and protection, they also open up way more to cyber attacks. Businesses should stay up-to-date with the most recent technological advancements for data protection, and know what they are protecting in the workplace. Using the above services will significantly help businesses to avoid data breaches and cyber attacks.

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