10 Steps To Planning The Perfect Bachelorette For A BAUCE Woman

The task of planning a bachelorette is both an honor and a whole lot of pressure!

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So you’ve been tasked with planning a bachelorette party for your friend? It’s a big deal to be asked to be a maid of honor or a bridesmaid, but that also means there’s a lot of pressure too!

Bachelorette parties have evolved somewhat of late. No longer just a night at a single club with some penis hats and a sash, some are now a full-blown affair complete with air travel and a trip to somewhere exotic. With no rules and so many possibilities, planning the perfect bachelorette becomes difficult.

But that’s where help is at hand. With the following tips, you can give the bride to be in your life the perfect send-off into married life.

Here are 10 steps to planning the perfect bachelorette party. 

1. Ask the bride what she wants

A bachelorette isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ occasion. Most brides have a clear view of how they’d like their bachelorette to be, so one of the safest things you can do is to ask her what she wants. This is how you can decide the length and location of the bachelorette, and it will also help make sure you work out what vibe to go for. 

While it’s good to consult the bride, it’s also lovely to keep some surprises back as well. By at least asking her what her limits are and finding out the sort of party she wants, you know you’ll be doing right by her.

2. Triple check the guest list

What makes a bachelorette special is the people the bride has around her. And with that in mind, you’ll want to check over the guest list multiple times. In an ideal situation, the bride will tell you exactly who she wants there, which allows you to invite family and friends accordingly. Triple check the list – you don’t want to forget someone accidentally! 

With your guest list confirmed, you can get on with sending out the invites! You can find plenty of cool inspiration for bachelorette invitations to get the party started!

3. Create and stick to the budget

One of the most difficult things about planning a bachelorette is to agree on a budget. For some people, the budget could be huge, while others might not be able to afford a lavish affair. Speak to the party to agree to a budget that everyone can afford. It’s better to plan something modest that means as many people as possible are present than to plan something that’s so out of people’s price range that they are unable to attend. 

Your budget shouldn’t matter when it comes to planning a bachelorette, so long as the bride enjoys herself. If funds are tight, check out some great budget bachelorette ideas.

4. Make it personal

Adding that personal touch makes a bride’s bachelorette truly memorable. Could you incorporate her favorite film or TV series into the weekend? Finding those connections can help you add some extra special touches that will make her bachelorette unique to her. Some games revolving around her life and interests can also make things feel more personal and gives everyone the chance to get to know the bride better too.

5. Think of activities everyone can enjoy

It’s difficult to please everyone, especially on a bachelorette. Trying to find activities that everyone can enjoy can be difficult, but there are certainly some activities you can try that are crowd-pleasers. From wine tasting to a cookery class, there are some fun activities that everyone can get involved in. 

While the typical bachelorette involves plenty of drink and almost no memory of the night before, it doesn’t have to be that way. If your bride to be isn’t the party hard type, then there are some great ideas for a bachelorette that don’t involve partying all night.

6. Make sure you pamper the bride

A bachelorette is an opportunity to spoil the bride, something that she’s going to need to cope with the stress of wedding planning! It’s a chance for her to relax and unwind and lets someone else take care of the organizing for a short while. An easy and enjoyable bachelorette party include a spa day, which can be the ideal way for everyone to ease their stress. 

If you truly want to spoil her, you could also book a hair and makeup artist to help her feel her most beautiful and glamorous as she celebrates her last night of freedom. 

7. Ask for help

There is a lot of planning and organizing involved in planning a bachelorette. And it can be a lot for one person to do on their own. Are there any other members of the bridal party who could help? Roping in some other bridesmaids or a relative can make the process a lot simpler and gives you someone to bounce ideas off of. Learning to delegate can be tricky, but you’ll be grateful you had help when you start working through that to-do list.

8. Add a theme

Having a theme for a bachelorette can be a lot of fun, and helps people to organize what they need to wear! Something related to the bride’s interests can be great, as can something adventurous like the 80’s. A theme can be for one night, or you could tie the whole weekend around it, depending on how long you can stretch it out for! A night out in costumes could be great fun, especially if your bride-to-be receives her outfit as a surprise! 

9. Make sure there’s some downtime

It’s important that you don’t overschedule when planning a bachelorette. If you pack too much into the schedule, you risk everyone burning out and not really being able to enjoy themselves. Having some downtime is important, especially if you’re in an exciting new location! Spending the weekend with the same people non-stop can be too much for some people, so it’s good to have a bit of time for everyone to do their own thing. You’ll probably appreciate some nap time to help you keep on track.

You could also think about including some activities that are more chill in nature. Some bachelorette ideas for the lazy bride can give you plenty of inspiration!

10. Share the memories

Your bride to be will remember her bachelorette forever, and there are some sweet touches you can add to help her enjoy the memories long after the bachelorette is over. A book signed by everyone attending packed with well wishes and memories is a wonderful idea, although you should be prepared for a few tears! If you can, take as many photos as possible throughout the bachelorette and create a photo album for the bride that she can have as a gift on her wedding day. There are a lot of touching ideas you can use to make sure your bride has some special memories of her day. 

Planning a bachelorette is no easy task. There are a lot of people to consider, as well as manage the budget and ensure everything runs smoothly when the day finally arrives. There’s a lot of pressure, but if you plan carefully, you will be able to pull it off. Who knows, you could be even better equipped with wedding planning tips to help the bride when this is all over? 

Despite all the stress that comes with organizing, planning a bachelorette should be fun. Enjoy coming up with ideas and making special plans that will help the bride to be in your life have a fantastic time have the best bachelorette ever.

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