Forgive, Let Go, Live

Why should I forgive her?  She betrayed me.  Why should I forgive him?  He did me dirty.  When we’ve been wronged by someone,  that person that dared to cross us automatically becomes public enemy number one.  The shock and pain we feel eventually fuels what comes next: anger.

Truth be told, anger is empowering. It makes us feel as if the evil thoughts and plans of revenge we scheme up are justified.  Anger gives us an excuse to slap someone or perpetrate some serious destruction of  property.  The human race has gotten very adept at the business of anger and hate. Our culture almost makes it seem like if you don’t have a list of  “haters” then you’re doing something wrong.  I’d be lying if I said that drama wasn’t interesting. After all that’s why people watch shows like Love and Hip Hop. To be honest, sometimes it’s relieving to dish out a can of whoop a** on who we believe is an oh-so-deserving individual.

But in reality  harboring hate and anger and essentially keeping a grudge can do some serious damage to your mental well-being.  Not to mention everyone around you will just assume that you are that stereotypical angry minority.  Personal experiences have taught me that it is a lot better to leave the drama to the T.V. screen.  While  anger is a normal emotion to feel sometimes it can be consuming to the point where we just can’t or won’t let it go and move on.

Holding on to a grudge against  that backstabbing ex-best friend from three years ago is a bit much.  TIME TO LET IT GO!  Chances are while you’re devising ways to seek revenge she’s not even thinking about you. Besides, is she really worth it?  The boyfriend you swore would never cheat but did: is he really worth your happiness?  That is exactly what happens when we hold on to such negative feelings. Our happiness becomes elusive or short lived.

Forgiving that idiot who missed out on a good thing is not for them — it’s for you.  Forgiveness doesn’t mean you are weak and it also doesn’t mean that you’ve forgotten what that person is capable of.  I like to think of it like this: I can trust a thief  to do exactly what I know they are capable of — steal. More importantly, I’ll know not to leave anything of mine around that person.

In essence, anger,resentment and that long standing grudge will HOLD YOU HOSTAGE!  Forgiveness frees up your mind and gives you room to enjoy the little things in life you’d  normally over look. Do yourself a favor: forgive, let go and live!

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