5 Of The World’s Biggest NYE Firework Displays


New Year’s Eve is on the horizon and as everybody is set to celebrate with far less restrictions this year than what we experienced in 2020, we’re certain the celebrations are going to be bigger than ever. When it comes to New Year’s Eve, the one thing that remains synonymous is the incredible firework displays that are on show to ring in the New Year at midnight. If you’ve been searching for fireworks for sale and you’re getting ready for your own at home display, take a look at five of the biggest and best fireworks displays from around the world for inspiration, below!

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik do New Year’s Eve a little differently than most, and their celebrations are really led by the community. Rather than having one large fireworks display put on by the authorities, they encourage families and individuals to have their very own mini fireworks displays. Then at midnight, an incredible eruption of thousands of mini displays lights up the Icelandic sky, with the sounds of sirens from police, fire-engines and other emergency services soaring through the sound to celebrate the New Year.

London, UK

London remains one of the most incredible fireworks displays from around the world. Pairing perfectly timed firework ‘bangs’ to music from some of the top artists and songs of the year across all genres, you can be sure to have your toe tapping as you watch the brilliant display either in-person or from the comfort of your own home.

Sydney, Australia

Watch the Sydney Opera House be illuminated with an incredible firework display for the New Year. While the stunning firework display may be replaced with a smaller display over the bridge in 2021, you can be certain they’ll be back with a bang when life returns to ‘normal’. You may also want to enjoy Christmas on the beach in Australia before you head to Sydney for the New Year celebrations…

Dubai, UAE

Not only will you enjoy warm(ish) weather at this time of year, Dubai offers one of the most luxurious and jaw-dropping firework displays from around the world. With fireworks being blasted from every angle, in between skyscrapers and above the beaches, you can be certain to get a dazzling display from here. Lighting up the skyline, you can see the infamous countdown displayed on the Burj Khalfia, the tallest building in the world, before the fireworks fly out of the building itself!  

Times Square, New York

The ball drop in Times Square is one of the most famous New Year’s Eve celebrations on the planet. Well-documented in films and on television, the ball drop is certainly a wonderful addition to this list. The conclusion of the ball drop is then followed quickly by fireworks flying from the room of One Times Square, with ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and many other classic New Year songs being sung out. With famous musicians headlining the event to make it truly a night to remember, don’t miss out on this incredible fireworks display, light show and event for New Year’s Eve.

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