You Make a Fool of Me

Have you ever been in that relationship where your significant other no longer claims you as his or her own but you stick around anyway? You cling closer, you hold tighter, the tears fall faster, and for the life of you it is hard to understand why that love of yours can only find the energy and concentrated effort it takes to push you away.

Your pride turns into dust, your self-esteem is missing in action, yet your loved one is all you can think about. Deep down, you know that he or she is not thinking of you. You are the farthest person from his or her mind. Logic tells you to leave, to run in fact and never look back, but as one day rolls into another into another, the days become too hard to distinguish. In the end, you find that you are wasting time and may very well be in the throes of a heart break. Despite all of that, you are determined to stay. You find yourself in a circular routine that seems to have no end.

Disappointment is overpowered by the scraps of attention your one true love can throw at you when he or she feels like it. Still, you take the time out to prove yourself, to show your sincerity, to bear your heart and soul, to be a fool in love and for love.

It be’s that way sometimes.

Sasha, the runner-up from Season Eight of “So You Think You Can Dance” gives a heart-rending performance of Meshell Ndegeocello’s Fool of Me with Kent, the runner-up from Season Seven. Grab your tissues and prepare your heart and souls to be prepared with this thoughtful dance.



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