You Have To Try These Brilliant Lighting Ideas In Your Apartment

Most people stick to conventional design especially when spaces are very limited. They tend to be skeptical about designing their home because they want to maximize the given space as much as possible. Little did they know, a house can still be home regardless of how big or small it is. Take it as a challenge that this small space is more exciting to design and arrange as compared to big spaces.

What is the trick in designing a small-spaced apartment? A lighting design targeting both aesthetics and functionality. It may seem like a simple element but lighting turns tables in the home interior design. The parameters may be limited but lighting ideas in small spaces are very comprehensive. Light up the public and private spaces within your apartment with these brilliant lighting ideas. 


Image Source: Adelaide Review

In designing small spaces, you have to be careful about the elements you include. What are the things necessary and what are not? The bathroom is the smallest space in an apartment. As you can see on the image above, the design is played in different materials, colors, and patterns. What made it look spacious is the mirror powered by the recessed lighting above. The room looked elongated or extended because of the illusion provided by the mirror

Since space is limited, you have to stick with simple but impacting design. ToiletReviewer has compact toilets for small bathrooms. The tile material used for the walls is the same material used for the flooring. The bathroom looked extended because of this illusion. It did not require multiple lighting fixtures because it will overdo the lighting design. They utilized a recessed quadrilateral lighting as their primary light source and a minimum number of pin lights as their secondary light source. 


Image Source: Architectural Digest

In designing kitchens, we all know that we want a place we can move freely and comfortably. Kitchens are the busiest part of the apartment. From storing food to the preparation, it houses activities that require a space that prioritizes functionality. Think about your faucet – the right one will really enhance your kitchen. The image above shows a simple yet functional space to work on. It practices an aligned working space which is a requirement in designing kitchens. 

Kitchens with small spaces are usually extended with a small dining area. It makes it more convenient to work, to dine, and to prepare food. As you can see, they maximized the high ceiling with hanging pendant lights for the workspace. They used multiple numbers of fenestrations to take ahold of natural lighting as much as possible. Moreover, the light-colored walls helped in acquiring a fresh atmosphere for the kitchen. 

Dining Area

Image Source: Architectural Digest

Dining areas are more common than dining rooms in small apartments. They are extended from the kitchen. As you can see on the image above, the elements include everything that is necessary for the dining area. The lighting design is pretty much simple yet effective. From the pendant lights used to the rigid led strip lights, they work well with the materials and patterns used. It’s a combination of light and dark colors which are best incorporated with the lighting. 

There are three types of lighting source in this area. The first one is the two hanging pendant lights. This served as the icon of the dining and kitchen area. The second one is under the cabinet lighting used for the storage cabinets. The third one is the windows which served as the source of natural lighting. When these three blends well with one another, it becomes a good sight to see especially during mornings and evenings. 


Image Source: Architectural Digest

What helps small spaces look more aesthetically impacting are light-colored walls. When space is limited, what you input in the room should serve significance in terms of functionality. The bedroom above is an example of a small space which looked spacious. The room is approximately eight to nine square meters. It is provided with a study area and a sleeping area in one. Besides, it does not look crowded at all because of the natural and artificial source of light. 

The small bedroom is filled with different shades of grey but what stood out the most is the light-colored walls. More than the detailed upholstery of the furniture and fixtures, the lighting fixtures are eye-catching too. The bed-side light, hanging pendant light, and table light are quite personalized. It is a mix and match of a modern and industrial theme that you will find aesthetically pleasing. 

Living Area

Image Source: FlexFireLeds 

How would you want to cater to your guests? Not because space is very limited does not necessarily mean that there is no room for an effective design. In condominium units and small apartments, common planning design is extended kitchen area to the living area. As you can see on the image above, it looked spacious even though the common areas are combined. If there were walls in between, the common areas would look too small and crowded. 

The lighting design focused on indirect lighting source like the flexible LED strip lighting system. Since the room is filled with light colors, what balanced it out is the warm colors of the indirect lighting sources. The sight is not too tiring for the eyes but comforting instead. 


Interior designing a house is not limited to big spaces. It applies to small spaces too. Regardless of how big or small your house is, there is no limitation when it comes to coming up with an effective design. Not because space is small doesn’t necessarily mean you should stick with conventional interior design. Allow lighting to transform your small apartment into something that you can call home. 

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