When Love Forgives and Forgets

By Sabrina Smith

No one (not even another female) can ever truly fathom the reasons as to why a woman can consider the idea of going back to a man who has done her wrong. Majority of the time it has something to do with consistency: the idea that he is the only man that really gets who she is, and therefore, it’s difficult to consider anyone else to be with. The other portion of the spectrum consults a sensitive notion that there is love there, deep and truthful love that she has for him despite any intrusive circumstance.

But let’s turn the tables on the discussion: what about the situation in which a man has done more than emotional harm? I’m talking about physical damage or what society labels to be as domestic violence.

According to the Huffington Post, there is conceivable speculation that Chris Brown and Rihanna are potentially going to have some sort of romantic reunion. The dynamic-turned-controversial former coupled rocked the entertainment world und when domestic violence was reported in their relationship. But recently the two have been exchanging love tweets, publicizing the love that they still have for one another. For means of this discussion, this is grown breaking news that grants a lot of commentary on domestic violence. More importantly, it potentially reveals this concept that domestic violence holds no power, because a relationship can survive, or in this case, rekindle itself beyond it. Right?

Right, but who’s to say that this is acceptable?

I think it’s necessary to examine how the whole thing went down. The HuffPost states that both Chris and Rihanna began sending each other messages on Twitter since last May, but now it appears to be at a whole different level of exchanging words. The recent conversation in which Chris says that “he loves her more than she knows” and Rihanna’s response with “I’ll always love you” raises a few questions:

First, what are Chris’s intentions? Does he believe that his expression of affection  through a social media tactic will allow him to earn kudos points with Rhi Rhi? And should fans give in and agree that it’s legitimate?

Second, Rihanna’s response is extremely immediate but vague at the same time, and I love that. It indicates in no way that she has intentions of getting back together with him (especially since she holds the reins on that decision), but at the same time it does not reject the idea of a potential reunion. So would it be wise for fans to give in to this Rhi Rhi and Chris comeback nonetheless?

Rihanna did tweet she will always love him, and for some many woman that have found themselves in this kind of situation can understand the concept of the “forgive and forget syndrome.” It happens when a woman undergoes a negative break-up and later on, her ex-lover has found a way to try and win her heart again. She eventually gives in and participates in the reconstruction of the relationship that they once had, and it is almost as if she forgets the fact that he did what he did. In Rihanna’s case, it would be too easy, and even though she is reminded of the pain she went through due to social archive, in some way it would appear as though she has forgiven him and forgotten about all the physical inflictions and emotional pain. So to answer the question prior, it would not be acceptable. However, it is definitely understandable.

At the end of the day she loves him, and you can’t help love that’s for sure. The only thing that we can hope for Rihanna and women like her is that they will make the right decision and put themselves first.

We’ll see what happens.

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