Why Telemedicine Solutions Are the Next Big Thing In The Healthcare Arena

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Did you know that according to a study conducted at John Hopkins, medical errors result in the third highest number of lost patients each year in the USA? The study has also estimated that the number could be around 250,000 though other research reports that the figure could be around 440,000. With modern telemedicine solutions entering the healthcare arena, the future might see a drastic drop in these statistics. That’s because digital apps and software can eliminate the possibility of human error and protect patients from mistakes that medical practitioners unintentionally make.

Aside from significantly lowering the risks of errors, computer apps can perform a whole range of other functions that have the potential to revolutionize how patients receive treatment. Like the expert developers at Digigone explain, even laypersons can make use of telemedicine kits combined with software to receive medical attention from remote locations.

But, how do these applications help patients? Read ahead for an understanding of the positives of digital apps and why they could prove to be indispensable in the coming years.

Telemedicine Apps Prevent Unnecessary Delays in Treatment

In the past, patients had to contact doctors and schedule appointments when they had an illness or any other problem. Meeting medical practitioners, running diagnostic tests, and understanding the problem takes time. As a result, there are many delays in getting treatment and medication. Telemedicine apps allow you to contact your doctors as soon as you sense a problem. Without having to take time off from your busy work and home schedules, you can request for and get medical attention. Doctors can establish secure video connections to examine you and provide a diagnosis quickly. This factor is especially important in case of emergency situations where it is impossible to move the patient and ambulances cannot reach them fast enough.

Doctors Can Provide Healthcare from Remote Locations

Often times, distances and weather conditions make it impossible for invalids to travel to hospitals and other medical facilities. Like, for instance, when you go on vacations in the mountains or oceanic cruises. Having a telemedicine kit along helps because you can conveniently request for medical attention. Like this article on Mining outlines, most kits come with several devices that are programmed to take readings and transmit real-time data to update the doctor on the actual status of the patient. Some of the devices you may find in these kits include a blood pressure cuff, digital thermometer, blood sugar meter, and an EKG monitor. You’ll also find a Windows tablet with hi-def camera and Bluetooth headset with microphone complete with an adaptor for communicating with healthcare personnel.

Not only can your doctors identify the problem instantly, but they will be able to bring in other specialists for a quick consult. Such facilities are invaluable when you cannot get to an equipped facility in time.

Doctors Can Use Apps to Record and Preserve Patient Data

Check out this feature on SlideShare that reveals how doctors can move their patient records to the app. These records may include information about allergies, emergency contact details, ongoing medications, and pre-existing conditions. Having such data available at the click of a button allows medical practitioners to refer to them quickly when they need to treat you. In case of injuries and other life-and-death situations, doctors are able help you without spending time exploring your medical history. Patients can also avoid the risk of possible errors in treatment because their healthcare personnel were unaware of their previous medical issues.

Doctors Can Ensure Regular Lab Testing

In recent times, hospitals are recognizing the need for regular lab testing to catch possible illnesses in their initial stages. Doctors can take the necessary action to treat patients before their ailments become too severe. Insurance companies, Medicaid, and Medicare also recommend timely testing to keep you healthy and lower the overall expenses you may incur. Telemedicine apps not only maintain your records, but they’ll send you preset reminders so you come in for diagnostics regularly. A detailed record of results over several years reveals how you’re progressing and the lifestyle changes you need to make.

You Can Link Smartphones, Smartwatches, and Other Mobile Devices

Using telemedicine apps, it is now possible to connect your phones with smartwatches and other devices to monitor various health standards. For instance, you’ll record sleep patterns, the number of steps you take in a day, the number of calories you consume, and heart rate. On the basis of these readings, medical practitioners can advise you better on how to manage your health and remain fit.

You’ll Remain In Secure Contact with Medical Care

In addition to regular testing, you need to go for regular health checkups and reviews. Downloading a smart digital app will help you with reminders of appointments. You can also scan the database to look for and schedule consultations with specialists you think you need. Rest assured that any information you upload using the app is secured using encryption algorithms approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). These solutions protect your privacy and prevent the possible leaking of sensitive information.

Digital Solutions Provide Invaluable Assistance to Doctors

The medical community now concedes that hospitals are often understaffed with doctors working long hours. They are also dealing with multiple cases and long queues of unfinished tasks. In such situations, errors and omissions happen all the time. Computer apps that ease some of the workload may become indispensable in helping practitioners, nurses, and other technicians provide better and safer services to their patients.

Telemedicine solutions and apps may be able to change the way medical treatment and healthcare is provided and received. Doctors and patients are increasingly discovering the immense potential of the software and everything they can do. You may be already using some of these apps to count calories and monitor your weight. But, in the years ahead, you’ll find that they can do a lot more. Stay tuned for the latest information!

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