Slow Night? Try Role-Playing

When you hear role play, what exactly do you think of? Immediately it’s placing yourself in a little school girl outfit while your man may decide to teach you a lesson. Playing different personalities in the bedroom help keep the flames burning in your sex life.

You get to go outside your character and become someone you won’t have to worry about in the morning. You can get rid of all your stress and worries because your personality has gone to a different level. Couples who have been together for years are usually on the lookout for new ways to keep their sex life alive and seek role playing as a fun and different way to carry on their passion.

After reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E L James, women have become more open to being dominated in the bedroom by their man. It also has sparked the interest of getting woman to switch roles and take charge.

If you’re usually shy and timid, trying for a more aggressive role will help bring your confidence up.  Dominatrix is a widely popular form of role playing used in bedrooms around the world. You can dominate your submissive by handcuffing them to your bed or tying them up by rope and playfully punishing them whenever they do wrong. Other roles may include being a naughty librarian, a delinquent student, or an assertive police officer.

A lot goes into role playing besides the actual playing. You may need props and costumes to get the full effect of your new roles. During the Halloween season is when you’re able to find doctor costumes, French maid outfit,  and even short school girl skirts. Anything you need to fulfill your desired role can be attained at a cheap price.

Women think of role playing as spontaneous love making, something that is diverse each and every time. So take out that sexy old Halloween costume and surprise your honey the next time he walks through the door.

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