How To Present A Professional Image When You Work From Home

You should look good no matter where you are.

One of the best things about starting your own business is the flexibility and freedom to work your own hours, from your own space. If you’re not yet capitalized – or haven’t yet launched properly – you might not be able to afford a full-time workspace. This can be a little counterproductive, especially when you’re building your brand as a professional, super sleek company. Check out our tips for appearing like a sophisticated organization in any circumstance.

Lanyards & Professional Identification

Lanyards are a low-cost and effective way to make yourself feel professional. They have connotations of corporate offices but simply putting this around your neck could put you into work mode. Dress for the job you want is more than just a mantra for achieving your goals and dressing well. It’s about the effect our appearance has on our mentality. Loungewear comforts us and puts us at leisure, whilst a uniform or a smart appearance has a fantastic impact on those who work from home or in a very small office.

As well as being cost-effective and completely customizable, lanyards are convenient when looking to promote a professional image at trade shows, events and so much more. Launching your business when you are still working from home can be a tricky transition, but this simple change to your appearance can present a sophisticated, stylish identity for your business whilst highlighting that you are approachable when you do attend networking events, festivals and more.

Get A Virtual Office

A virtual office, like Your Virtual Office London, is simply a PO box or an address at a shared working space that you can present as your office and your business address. Using an obvious home address can make your business look like a part-time, from-home hobby and perhaps a little unreliable and untrustworthy. Simply paying a monthly fee for a virtual office can fuel leads and drive your business forward because it appears so much more professional. You can get post forwarding to ensure that you never miss a beat, either.

If you really want to commit to the game, invest in a virtual PA, too. This is an answering service that can filter calls automatically without bothering or wasting your time.  This has a super corporate feel but also allows you the headspace to do the real work. A lot of virtual offices offer this as part of their services, so you can incorporate them both.

Do Not Host Meetings From Home

This is a small thing that a lot of people overlook. Mixing the domestic with the commercial is a hard thing to get right, but let’s be real, your colleagues, clients and potential investors do not want to see a background with laundry or family photos when you’re on a video conference.

If you propose the meeting, you could hire a meeting room at a shared or co-working space. Alternatively, if you are video conferencing, it can be as low-cost as taking your laptop to a coffee shop that has reliable and good Wi-Fi. You can give off the impression of someone that’s just nipped out of the office for some peace and quiet and ensure you establish a professional image for your one-woman band.

Dress The Part

This is something we’ve already touched on, but you are what you wear. It’s great to be cute and comfy, but it gives off a casual vibe about your business and can even relax you too much. Make sure you give yourself a uniform or dress-code, even if you work from home. This means you will have your hustle-head on, even if you’re sat at your dining table with your computer. One of the small changes that can have a big effect on productivity is wearing shoes – kicking them off means you’re more likely to get comfy, find your slippers or slouch off to the couch. Wearing your business shoes will help you sit upright, in a proper chair and stay focused!

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