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Importance of Diamond Ring Settings

When searching for the right engagement ring, most people don’t focus on the jewelry piece’s setting. In fact, many overlook it entirely because its beauty usually overpowers its technical details. As a result, it’s not uncommon for buyers to pay attention to the stone and engagement ring styles chart. However, while the setting may appear to be insignificant, it’s more important than it’s given credit for. Therefore, if you want the ideal ring, you need to consider the settings carefully.

A ring’s anatomy is composed of two distinct parts: the head and body, which is technically referred to as its shank. The former is usually crafty in various ways to ensure that the gem is held on the ring firmly, becoming the stone’s setting. Therefore, it both serves to secure the stone and influences the way the ring looks to a certain extent.

What setting is ideal for engagement rings?

With so many different settings, it’s easy to get confused about what to choose. To help simplify the process, we’ve laid out a few of the most common setting types used with engagement rings.


This setting feature uses small metal segments rising from the ring and locking the stone firmly in its place. It’s typically used for holding larger center gems. The reason why many prefer this style is that it puts more focus on the diamond. Since there isn’t too much use of surrounding metal, it allows light to go through it more, elevating its brilliance and fire. With its versatility to accommodate various shapes and sizes, it remains one of the most specific settings to use.

However, keep in mind that because the setting uplifts the stone, there’s always a possibility that it could get snagged on certain items. It’s also more susceptible to getting chipped and damaged. So only choose this setting if you or your partner doesn’t have a career that requires working with your hands too much.


The channel setting uses the entirety of the band’s circumference, featuring gemstones set together closely into the channel’s grooves. So apart from making the ring sparkle, it’s also unlikely to get caught in any items like furniture or clothing. This comes at a price, though, as this setting is usually more expensive than others.


Another popular setting is the halo design, where gems surround the center stone. And it continues to grow in popularity not only because it holds the diamond securely, but also because it can make it look a lot bigger than it is. It also enables people to create unique, contrasting looks with the utilization of differently colored gems and make the ring radiate brilliantly. However, you’ll need to be aware that the accent gems could potentially loosen over time. Additionally, the more accent stones there are, the harder it’ll be to get the ring resized.


Let’s face it: the setting of an engagement ring is essential. There’s no getting around this fact. The ones listed above are the most popular settings, but more are available. So consider which set to opt for when selecting your engagement ring.

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