DIY: How to Get Killer Ombre Purple Hair Without Using Permanent Dyes

Girl with ombre purple hair

When we first started seeing purple hair pop up on Instagram photos and on fashion runways, we were floored with excitement. The grunge 90s trend that long been reserved for hard-rock enthusiasts has found its way back to the mainstream. We knew we wanted to give the “purple hair” look a try without super damaging our delicate tresses with some serious hair dyes. So we searched and we scoured and came across this awesome temporary purple hair color tutorial by Tootsie Time.

The issue with applying purple hair dye to darker colored hair is that the chemicals often won’t lift the color in your hair as it should, resulting in more of a purple-ish rinse look that is less than desired. Not to mention that the process to take dark hair to a bright purple color could ultimately result in a lot of damage. The awesome thing about this method — Tootsie shows you how to get beautiful purple hair by creatively applying eye shadow to her hair — is that it lasts as long as you want it to, meaning that you can rock your purple hair out on the weekend and ditch it just in time for the start of your work week.

The best part about it – despite popular belief – is that this method won’t stain your clothes after you seal the color in. Now how’s that for a low-cost but dazzling hair transformation?

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