Are These Patented Pants The Best Shaping Jeans To Hit The Market?

Once upon a time, there were pants. After centuries of the predominance of skirts, corsets, petticoats, and ruffles, it did not seem true for us, women, to wear such a comfortable item of men’s clothing.

There is no need to be slim in today’s fashion world to feel as sexy as you might want to be or to look good. The primary focus is to be comfortable and keep it as it is with your body’s curves. This is why a lot of dressing styles are nowadays more focused on enhancing the form of your silhouette and the curves of your body to let you feel confident, but not too artificial.

How can I feel confident with my own body and curves?

It’s important to wear clothing that flatters your body and celebrates who you are. One new brand that does this well is Wr.Up® Freddy’s patented pants: today they are really at the forefront. So what is the deal with Freddy Wr.Up®? Stunning curves and a super-fit look: this is what Freddy Wr.Up® is working on. This new high/medium/low waist pants designed and patented by Freddy enhance the shape of all women and makes them feel confident with themselves.

But how is it possible that it actually works?

We can say that the final results are realized by the combination of three different effects such as.

The smoothing effect: The smoothing effect of the high waist Wr.Up® Freddy perfectly emphasizes the waist, thighs, and hips thanks to the high quality of the fabric, on which reinforcements have been applied in strategic positions. It is the grace and harmony of your body that you deserve.

The lifting effect: Wr.Up® is the exclusive 100% bi-elastic denim jersey that defines the shape, lifts the B-side and wraps you like a second skin. Finally, perfection takes shape.

The shaping effect: Wr.Up® wraps and sculpts the hips, keeping the trousers high and in place with a special silicone band. Now your body is a work of art!

It is well known that a pair of pants is a personal accessory: it is not clear that, since a model is fashionable and seems easy to wear, then it is good for us, on the contrary. But this is not the case with Wr.Up® Freddy: with a high/medium/low waist that has become a must, Freddy has continued the denim revolution, creating a jersey trouser that looks like a pair of jeans, but that has the comfort of a pair of leggings. Jeggings you can think of. 

But it’s not just about jeggings: the high-waisted Wr.Up® Freddy follow the lines of the body and emphasizes them without any hesitance, making the legs appear longer than kilometers.

They perfectly combine the practicality of leggings, very light and thin, with the versatile and always fashionable style of skinny jeans.

Wr.Up®, how can I wear them?

They can be easily combined with any outfit. From the most sober ones for work, school and university to the most fashionable ones for evenings out at the disco, as well as for leisure time.

What shoes match with the Wr.Up®?

These lightweight stretch pants are beautiful when paired with sporty sneakers as well as high-heeled pumps, ankle boots or ballerinas. The trick lies in the combination!

What to wear on top?

Choose between crop tops, short belly-discovering t-shirts and sneakers prove to be the winning choice for leisure looks. With soft blouses and cardigans, they are perfect for sober everyday outfits, especially when worn with low-cut shoes and dancers.

These patented pants come in a variety of fashion styles, so you can glam up or edge up your look with lace tops, leather or leather jackets, high-heeled shoes, amphibians or ankle boots, making them a true must-have for your evenings out!

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