Flat-Irons Are Not Created Equal

Finding the best flat-iron for your hair type

Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on hair straightening appliances? Frustrated with spending hours flat-ironing your hair that still won’t lie down? Angry with the burnt, split ends you have as a result of too much heat? Well ladies, here’s what they don’t tell you: ALL FLAT IRONS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL!

Each year hundreds of hair care companies launch new brands of flat-irons marketing them as “perfect for all hair-types.” Hate to break it to you ladies, but sadly they are not. Fret not! There are ways to find the perfect flat-iron for your hair to help you beat the upcoming fall frizz.

When choosing a flat-iron, it is important to check the temperature levels. For someone with thick, coarse hair, a flat-iron with high heat settings are the best and also a flat-iron with wide ceramic plates this because thick hair takes longer to absorb the heat and the wider panels help to capture more hair. If you have thin, fine hair a flat-iron with high heat levels will lead to burnt and brittle hair, so one with low-settings are recommended.

Flat irons not only come in different shapes and sizes, but are also made from different materials. Some flat-irons have metal panels as opposed to ceramic panels and some are made from iron. While metal and iron seems to be the most used because of affordability and how quickly it heats up, they actually cause more damage. When choosing a flat-iron check to see if the panels are ceramic. Not only does it cause less damage, the panels are also smooth which helps prevent split or jagged ends.

Here are some recommendations for each hair type:

1) Vidal Sassoon Salon Tools ST001 Professional Ceramic Straightening Iron for thick coarse hair. This straightener provides even heat at a high temperature that helps smooth hair quickly.

2) For thin, fine hair try Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Straightener. The ceramic plates help smooth hair and give it a polished shine.

3) CHI Ceramic Hair Straightener. literally works on all hair types because of it’s multiple heat levels, but the thinness of the ceramic panels may be time consuming for someone with thick hair.

So the next time you’re in Sally’s, ULTA’s, or your local beauty supply store in search of a flat-iron, read the labels on the product to determine which one is best for you.








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