Download These 5 Apps to Grow Your Savings Accounts Faster

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A true BAUCE knows that her money is nothing to play with. But in a world of unforgiving loan repayments and tempting sales at every turn, it can be tough to hold onto what you earn.

Check out these (mostly) free apps that can help you stack your coins:


Props From: Kiplinger’s, Money Magazine, Time Magazine

Price: FREE

Compatible With: Apple and Android

What it Does: Mint is the ultimate money management app. The one-stop shop lets you see all your accounts in one place and even tells you your credit score and covers everything from bills to budgeting and more. As far as savings, the app provides tips, creates a budget for you, and helps you avoid late fees by sending reminders of when bills are due.

Why You Need It: This app has been crowned ‘the Beyonce of personal finance apps.’ What else do you need to know?


Props From: Forbes, ABC News, Wired

Price: Free for college students with a valid .edu email address as well as the under 21 crowd; $1/month for ages 21 and up

Compatible With: Apple and Android

What it Does: Remember stashing spare change in piggy banks and penny jars? Acorns takes your literal coins and turns them into investment tools. When you connect Acorns to your checking account, it automatically takes the amount of change from your purchases that rounds up to the nearest dollar and invests that change across several different stocks and bonds. For a fuller explanation, visit the app’s website at www.acorns.com/investments.

Why You Need It: Acorns makes the sometimes complicated world of investing easy. This app is a game-changer because it helps you not only save your money but grow it. Don’t just keep the change, invest the change.


Source – AppAdvice

Props From: The Huffington Post, Elite Daily

Price: FREE

Compatible With: Apple only

What it Does: Unsplurge helps you keep track of all your savings goals, and gives you a support system as you reach them. The app creates a community of users who offer tips that have helped them accomplish their own savings goals. You can follow other Unsplurgers to see what their goals are (and maybe steal some of theirs). When you accomplish your savings goals, the app lets you post it to other users. Think Facebook or Twitter, but for the sole purpose of turning up for savings. If you’re motivated by others, this may just be the app for you.

Why You Need It: Saving can be difficult. Sometimes you just need a good cheerleader.

Note: You have to be at least 17 to download this app. Sorry kiddos.


Props From: Forbes, Wall Street Journal, USA Today

Price: FREE

Compatible With: Apple and Android

What it Does: When connected to your checking account, Digit tucks away small bits of money according to what you can afford; not usually stashing more than twenty dollars (or less) at a time. By the way, the app has a no-overdraft guarantee.

Why You Need It: Maybe you can afford to save more (or less) than you originally thought. Digit is here to help you figure that out!

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Props From: Chicago Tribune, Gadget Review

Price: Free for 34 days, then $5/month

Compatible With: Apple and Android

What it Does: YNAB helps you manage your money goals and debt, all while providing educational opportunities. They offer free workshops, podcasts, and online guides to help you wrap your mind around making your money work for you.

Why You Need It:

Note: Chicago Tribune, Gadget Review

Want more apps to download? Here’s our list of recommended apps that we believe will improve your life.

What tips do you have when it comes to savings? Any other apps you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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