6 Ways To Relax After A Hectic Work From Home Day

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We’ll all be at home, working as hard as we can. We’re away from the office and to be honest, we thought it would be okay. Yet it turns out that millions of people have found they are working longer hours. It makes total sense as the commuting time has vanished and so, we can spend 1-hour a day, extra, at our desks. This does mean we could be earning more than ever before, depending on your industry. On the other hand, it also means we are stressed out at the end of our working day. Some of the lucky ones have pets to keep them company. But what about the people who don’t? What do they do?

Decaffeinated is the way

Enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea, is a good way to wind down. But you don’t need caffeine at the end of a workday. You should still be able to enjoy a hot cup of Joe, as long as you don’t rise and fall. So, go with decaffeinated coffee or tea and use brown sugar to sweeten your cup instead of white sugar.

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Outdoor nook

If you start at 8am, you could finish at 4 or 5pm. You have about 1-2 hours of sunlight still left so why not go into your garden and lie down? Creating a hangout nook outdoors is a great way to relax. Hang a hammock, have a tall bookcase to store novels and or get a rugged pillow and throw to lie down on your patio chair.


One of the hottest trends right now is CBD. It helps you to heal from wounds, decrease inflammation and drops your anxiety levels too. These Vegan CBD Gummies are the perfect edible to enjoy after a long hard day. They’re juicy, tasty and yet they are also going to release a slow CBD shot in your system. There are so many flavours like watermelon, lime, orange as well as a mix.

The classic 

Who can resist a hot bath after work? The reason why we like it hot is, it brings all the blood up to the surface which pushes out toxins and relaxes our limbs at the same time. So draw yourself a nice hot bath along with some epsom salts or essential oils. For accomplishing your relaxed mood one of the best alternatives are cigars: they help to have a rest after a hard-working and stressful working day. You should choose good cigars like Partagas cigars accompanied with rum which will help to relax and enjoy your evening.

Clean your desk

At the end of every weekday, you should try to clean your desk. Turn on some music, get a snack and get cleaning. Organize your desk and home office so you’re ready for tomorrow. Empty the trash can of paper, put away the pens and clean your laptop keyboard with a wet wipe. Ready to go!


Who says you have to wait until it’s bedtime to get some rest? Getting a little nap in before dinner is sometimes just what you need. Especially when you are really tired, getting a nap after work could recharge your batteries fully by the morning. We need more than 8 hours of sleep sometimes. 

What do you do to relax after work? Do you find you are working longer hours now than you did before? Just remember to take care of yourself with any of these 6 ways. 

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