5 Safe Hobbies for You To Adopt This Year

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Some people crave adventure and excitement, while others are homebodies. There is nothing wrong with being either of these ways. No one created human beings equally, and what one of us might like, another may shun.

Still, even if you enjoy daredevil activities like bungee jumping, base jumping, surfing, skydiving, etc., you could decide at some juncture that you shouldn’t do them anymore. Maybe you’re not as young as you used to be, and you’ve punished your body over the years. Perhaps you’ve started a family, and you don’t want anything to happen to you for their sake.

If so, you may want to try out some hobbies that aren’t likely to put you in any danger. Let’s discuss five of the most popular options.


You might feel like you don’t need to give up some of your daredevil ways, like riding a motorcycle to work rather than driving a car. It’s always going to be your prerogative, but consider this: in South Carolina alone, 141 people died from motorcycle accidents in a recent year. That’s nearly twelve every month for just one state.

Reading is one thing you can do that won’t result in any serious injuries, besides an occasional papercut. Many studies have shown that it’s one of the best things you can do to keep your mind active. Still, some people abandon the practice after high school.

Reading allows you to sit quietly for a while and take stock of your mental state. You can explore a different world, either a realistic or fantastic one.

You can meet extraordinary characters and enjoy their adventures. It’s a way to live many different lives vicariously.


Mediation is another excellent hobby if you want to reduce stress and relax especially when you use natural full-spectrum CBD oil for stress relief. It can definitely teach you more about yourself than you might ever imagine.

When you undertake a guided meditation exercise, you follow what the guide tells you to do. They will likely ask you to focus on your breathing first and then take stock of how your body feels.

You can center yourself in a way that many people never bother to do. That is why they feel so much stress and anxiety.

You can easily download a meditation app if you like. Some of them do cost money, but many others are free.

Board Games

Some people think that board games aren’t a whole lot of fun, but there’s an amazing variety of them out there. You can explore classic ones like Sorry or Monopoly that you can play with your family if you have some younger kids.

You can also get into some more complex strategy games. You might try Settlers of Catan, Dungeons and Dragons, Gloomhaven, or Arkham Horror.  

Whether you want a more horror-based game or you prefer sci-fi or fantasy, you should be able to find one. You can find games within the Marvel or DC universes, or you can play puzzle games that take many hours. You’ll just need to find some friends or family members who are willing to play with you.


Gardening is another fun activity that relaxes you. You can learn about plants and select some ones that will flourish in your particular climate.

You can learn about perennials. You might get into roses or carnations. You may even want to grow some plants you can eat, like strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. Many of these will grow in lots of different climates, and they don’t require a ton of experience for you to harvest them successfully when the time comes.

Gardening is also nice because it can add to your home’s value. If you install some planting beds with flowers in them, that will make your house more attractive, and you’ll probably get a higher offer when you want to sell.

DIY Projects

You might start doing some DIY projects around the house. This will probably only work if you own your home, though. If you rent an apartment, the landlord might not let you do very much with it.

Assuming you have your own house, you might add shutters to the windows. You could paint the rooms the colors you like. You might build a birdhouse or install more powerful showerheads if you want a stronger spray.

The point to all of these examples is that they’ll take up some of your leisure time, and they’re safe. Your family will be glad you’re doing something that doesn’t put you at risk.  

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