5 Fitness Promises You Should Keep During the Holidays

The holidays are here and even though we might all celebrate in different ways, one common factor seems to be how unhealthy we can be. Here are five things we can do to make the holidays a bit more healthy.

Drink a glass of water when you wake up and before every meal. A recent study showed that 36 percent of Americans drink one to three cups of water a day and 7 percent drink none. Water helps decreases headaches, increases productivity and can dramatically boost your metabolism within 10 minutes. It is an easy way to help curb your appetite before heavy holiday meals.

Pumpkin PieUser smaller plates or a salad plate. Over the decades, plates have gotten 2- 3 inches larger which  contributes to increase in food proportions. This holiday use a reasonable size plate for your meals and make your goal to be full not stuffed.

Watch the alcohol intake. Drinks with lots of syrup, mixes and fruit juices can sneak by hundreds of calories. Order drinks with tonic water or club soda or simply on the rocks.

Talk a walk. This can be incredibly hard especially if you live in colder weather. However, weight gain is a result of intaking more calories than you need. This is a hard balancing act during the holidays but a walk here and there might weigh the scale in your favor.

Share your desert. Sharing your desert is one of the best ways to eat smaller  portion and decrease sugar intake.

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1 Comment

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