The BAUCE SQUAD is a digital membership community that trains ambitious women on how to adopt a “millionaire mindset” and equips them with the resources, accountability, and support to be successful in work, finances, and life.

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Does this sound familiar?

You know in your heart that being a successful self-made woman doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of grind and hustle, smart financial habits,  passion, and dedication to scale an idea or climb the ranks in your industry to become a 7-figure money maker and achieve financial freedom…

But as it currently stands, you’re in a job that you hate, dreaming of the passion projects you’d rather be working on, but lacking the motivation and drive to be the “BAUCE” woman that is getting recognized in the press, snagging awards, and living the life of her dreams. 

You know that you’re struggling to get your “shit together” and whatever you’re doing right now in life isn’t making you happy, so much so that you dread waking up for work and sometimes lack the confidence to believe that you could ever become a BAUCE. 

You know you need a community to lift you out of your negative rut and help you see what is actually possible in your life. You want to lead a life of passion-driven work, achieve financial success, and look good while doing it. But so many of these “women’s empowerment groups” just shade you for not being where “you should be by now”, lack diversity, or want to rob your pockets dry just to make you feel like you’re getting somewhere in life. GIRL! WE GET IT!

Now imagine if you could find a crew of driven women that are dependable, smart, and uplifting  — so much so that you wake up each day feeling proud of the woman you are becoming and ready to crush your goals?

How would it feel to wake up feeling confident enough to know that you can become a self-made millionaire because you trust yourself to execute on your goals without fail without spending thousands of dollars on a life coach?

Sis, we want you to know that anything is possible and there is a way to transform your mindset and evolve into the BAUCE woman that you crave to be!

As creators of original content for aspiring self-made women of color, we know firsthand the challenges that many black women face when it comes to increasing their earning potential or making mega BAUCE moves. Although women of color are becoming the fastest-growing group of business owners, they receive less venture funding than white men and women and even fewer career advancement opportunities in corporate America, which limits their abilities to gain status as high net-worth individuals. For the past five years, our goal has been to challenge this narrative on and offline. We have met so many ambitious black women who have invested in panels, conferences, programs, and brunches that promise to help them “level up” but instead leave them feeling less than motivated, disconnected, and alone.

At BAUCE we move different. We want to give millennial women of color the tools they need to rise among the ranks of the self-made by whatever means that they choose. And that’s why we carefully crafted a digital community that delivers actionable information and leverages strategic tactics to help you go from “dreamer to doer” in as little as three months! And the best part is, you won’t go broke in the process!


Here’s what you’ll get by joining our membership community:

monthly masterclasses and 1:1 coaching with self-made millionaires and BAUCE women

monthly accountability challenges (and prizes!) to help you build success-generating habits

premium content focused on personal finance and wealth-building

weekly affirmations to keep you motivated and encouraged

curated list of opportunities, jobs, and events to help you level up in your industry

virtual coworking sessions and group discussions to help you network with the BAUCE SQUAD community and learn new self-improvement hacks

“ask me anything” office hours with the founder of BAUCE Magazine

For Just $95!

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We get it. There are several online communities that you could be a part of that promise to connect you with bold, diverse career-driven women — but often, they under-deliver in quality and lack actionable assets that will show you how to truly be successful. What makes BAUCE different is that we are doing the unparalleled: focusing on financial success for women, particularly multicultural women that tend to have a slower start to the wealth-building game than their counterparts. With our membership community, we cut through the #girlboss fluff and get right to the point: how can you actually start making more money today? We give you the tools you need to deliver on that promise so that you can (and will) gain connections and resources that will change the way you live and help you get closer to your money-making goals. Through this program, we offer invigorating information, motivational guidance and the type of accountability that will transform your confidence and really get you on track to becoming a BAUCE woman. We don’t just let you talk the talk, we help you walk the walk. Plus, you can cancel at anytime.

The BAUCE SQUAD Membership is perfect for you if:

  • Are tired of comparing yourself to successful women online and are ready to take charge of your life
  • You innately want to be “self-made” but constantly struggle with poor time management, productivity, or finance skills 
  • You have big ideas and goals but need accountability and motivation to execute on them
  • Have a career you love but want to get your finances in order so you can build more streams of income
  • Are a budding female entrepreneur that wants an uplifting  community to stay driven, focused, and upskilled to reach your goals
  • You want to be the first to know about dope gigs  and opportunities that will help you consistently level up in life
  • You’ve thought about investing in a life coach but want to see if you can DIY yourself to more successful habits first

In just 3 months, you could be crossing off items on your to-do list on autopilot, have a more clear plan on how to level up your finances,  and be feeling like the BAUCE woman you know you truly are deep down!

Here’s a quick glimpse of what’s waiting on the other side of this page for you!


This is an annual subscription of $95 with no risk that renews once a year.

BAUCE is a lifestyle site for self-made women. We create and curate content that helps ambitious women from multicultural backgrounds build their empires, achieve financial freedom, and look good while doing it. We’re not just a publication. Being a BAUCE is a lifestyle.


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