It’s Time to Get Snatched!


Ready to start making folks turn their heads when you walk past? You may have made a loose promise to yourself in the beginning of the year to “be healthy” but never actually quite rolled up out of your bed to sign up for a gym membership. Well, today, make a commitment to get your body “snatched” in more ways than one. The Bauce team has curated tips from across the web to help you reach the ultimate level of fabulousity by summer.  We also offer our recommendations for other sites you should you follow so you can get your body all the way #snatched! Be in it to win it. Your “new you” transformation begin today!



Whatever you think you’ve been doing for exercise — lazily lifting a 1 lb. weight while watching Scandal — needs to stop.  If you’re goal is to get lean and tighten up problem areas then there are two phrases that need to be added to your fitness vocabulary: CARDIO and STRENGTH-TRAINING. For effective weight loss, maintenance, and core training, push to workout at least 5 to 6 times a week for one-full hour (Think that’s tough? The Tracey Anderson method requires 2 hours daily!). Keep your workouts dynamic by attending gym classes and opting between running, dancing, or ellipticals for your high-intensity cardio workouts. And those crunches you’ve been doing before bed? That’s so 1995. To get a built figure, you must learn to train your body by keeping your muscles guessing. We recommend super effective strength training following a cardio workout 2 to 3 times a week. FitSugar offers some great workout plans for you to try.


Recommended: Take Up a New Sport or Train for a 5K Race

Make yourself a promise to learn something new this season and to be more than a novice at it. Your dedication to a new high-activity sport (whether it’s tennis, swimming or running) will keep you motivated and help you lose weight in a fun way.



What matters even more than working out is what you are putting in your body. A large percentage of changing the way your body looks in the mirror has to do with what you eat. If you want to see an effective change then it’s time to say bye-bye to fast food and hello to healthy eats. A smart way to fast-track your healthy lifestyle is by reducing the amount of processed foods (or pre-packaged meals) that you eat on a daily basis. GET DOWN TO THE BASICS. Lower your fats, up your protein intake, and make fruits and vegetables a daily requirement. Ready to take a plunge? The Paleo Diet is known to offer fast results – but calls for strict restrictions against common favorites such as DAIRY and EGGS. We recommend smaller portion sizes and food-journaling apps like MyFitness Pal to help you keep track of your transition to eating healthy. Remember, the way you eat should be a lifestyle change — not just a temporary fix so you can pile on the grease afterwards.


Recommended: Cut Out Fast Food

It’s easy to run to the nearest spot and grab a #2 when you’re hungry and hav e no time – but not when you’ve made a commitment to yourself to do better. Give yourself daily reminders – a sign or a google alert – to stay away from greasy FAST FOOD spots until you’ve reached your ideal weight goal. To keep yourself from indulging make sure that you’ve always packed a healthy snack or bottle of water in your purse. It’ll keep you from indulging in unhealthy meals and on track with your fitness goals. You’ll also save tons of money!


Part of renewing yourself  means updating your look. As you work to make your body look super amazing, complement the new you with a beauty transformation. Go through your wardrobe and dump items that you have not worn in the past year (or have only sported once in the past two years). Stocking up on junky stuff or things that you think you will wear later not only clutters your space but also keeps your style locked in an undefined phase.  Evolve your style by visualizing your fashion and beauty inspirations.  Analyze what your style potential is  by examining the type of photos you pin or post to Tumblr/Pinterest. Mostly hipster outfits?  Super girl and classy? An affordable way to ramp up your closet is by sifting for fabulous finds at your local thrift store. If your inner girl is screaming Rihanna-fever but you haven’t worked up the courage to shave off the side of your head, find a hairstylist and go in for a consultation to find a slew of looks that would complement your face. And when you go out – STOP LOOKING FRUMPY. Make sure that your hair is styled neatly and that your makeup is polished (but not too heavy). And only wear makeup when it’s absolutely necessary. Make a promise to yourself to get better skin by investing in safe skin products and eating right.


Recommended: Go For a Drastic Hair Transformation

You must must must get a new hair-do. Bang it. Throw some color in it. Box-braid that thang. Whatever. But to fulfill your new you, you must change your do. Pick styles that will complement your head shape.



Now is the time to find balance in life before you have more responsibilities. If you find yourself only sleeping on your off-days then you may be overloaded by work. Sketch out “me” time daily to refresh and renew and to supercharge yourself to get daily tasks done efficiently and effectively.  To improve your career, we recommend you make at least one new connection a month. Reach out to alumni in your city or  someone in your workplace or industry that you admire. By working to build connections now, you will be able to set yourself up for opportunities later. But remember, life is not all about work. Build both professional and personal relationships outside of the workplace by volunteering with community organizations or alumni organizations of groups you worked with in school. Remember if there is one thing you’ve learned from college, it’s that you shouldn’t try to tackle too much at one time! Lastly, at least once a month, find time to do something that you love – paint, visit spas, rock-climb, shop — and to talk to the people who you love. At the end of the day, no network will be greater than your personal support system – which is what you will truly need to keep you going through your tribulations and triumphs.


Recommended: Make At Least One New Connection Every Three Months

Don’t be afraid to reach out to women above you. To build a supportive and better atmosphere for women in the workplace, we must be willing to lean in and lift as we climb. Build wisdom from everyone around you and never underestimate the underdogs. Make valuable connections with everyone from the local small businesswoman to college deans, to administrative professionals. Often the secretaries hold the keys to the people who everyone wants to meet and can help get you in their doors.



You’re not going to meet the man of your dreams by sitting behind a computer all day. Okay, maybe you will if you have a super fab profile. If you’re over the single life and looking to find someone to cool it with on the weekends, then you’ve got to get OUT. But beware of where you’re looking (or searching to be found). The places you visit are typically indicative of the men you’ll meet. Hanging out in clubs or sports bars versus professional networking events will land you in different types of crowds.  Also, step up your love life by getting recommendations of men from your friends. They come pre-screened and ready to mingle with. Often times, finding love comes down to just “showing up”. You never know when or where you’ll meet “the one”.  So stop turning down those open bar invites and get out there and be seen.

Recommended:  Be (Lightly) Assertive When Meeting Men

Learn to be brave when it comes to love. No one wants to be played for a fool, but don’t be afraid to be subtly assertive when you meet a cute guy. Flirt and capture his attention with your charm; get his number by the end of the night. But don’t ever force yourself on anyone. It’s just sloppy and makes you look weak. One woman found a savvy way to snap pictures of hot guys she spotted on her morning trips to work in New York City: What Yo’ Name Is? 

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