Improve Your Wine IQ with Vino Seduction

Ever walk into a restaurant, get dished up a wine list, and not know the difference from Candoni Prosecco and Rosa Regale? Ahh, the dilemma of drinking. Adding a tasty and mature sip to your meal is always a plus and it’s important that women are able to do that in a knowledgeable way — without breaking the bank. If you need help in the wine department say no more: Vino Seduction has got your back.

Based out of Atlanta, Vino Seduction is a weekly live-broadcast focused on wine. The show is hosted by three wine connoisseurs who have been educating the African-American community on the social and cultural aspects of drinking wine since 2009. Danielle and Maya are the absolute go-to ladies when it comes to improving your wine IQ and empowering yourself through knowledge; they’ll answer your questions, even the ones you might be embarrassed to ask out on a first date (like what’s the difference between red and white?). Danielle began her work around wines with her first job after college working as a sales rep for The National Distributing Company. Maxine, who is currently in the process of becoming a Certified Specialist of Wine, previously worked at WineStyles, a wine boutique that allowed her knowledge to blossom. Maya has been deemed the “wine socialite” and shares thoughts on everything from etiquette to taste on the show.

Danielle says it’s important that we ladies know a thing or to about this classy beverage.

“While I am definitely not a wine snob, I do believe that women should at least know the simple basics of wine etiquette such as how to uncork a bottle, how to pour wine, what temperature to serve wine, and how to taste wine. Wine has become a popular beverage of choice in our community.”

More importantly, Vino Seduction banishes the intimidating factor that may be linked to wines. With a weekly show that airs on Thursdays at 8:45PM, these savvy ladies offer entertaining and teachable moments to their viewers. letting you in on little secrets and offering helpful tips. On top of that, they are personable and keep it real!

First time dipping into wines? Still curious? Danielle offers an additional solution to learning more about the beverage.

“I always encourage viewers to attend local wine tastings. The more wine you try the more evolved your palate will become. In turn you will discover which wine varietals, styles, and regions you prefer.”

Check out a previous episode to get a taste of what these ladies are serving up:



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