Fluorescent Fingers: Spring Nails with a Kick

For many fashionistas, the beginning of spring is an annual cue to roll out the strappy wedges, flirty dresses and floral prints. Not to mention, the classic menagerie of pastel nail colors, each seemingly plucked from an Easter basket woven from lace and topped with a dainty bow.

This spring, though, you can give those pastels a little rest with a host of bright neon tones that will add a fierce pop of color to any outfit.

From Michelle Williams’ orange nails to Selena Gomez’s hot pink, Hollywood starlets have been seen sporting these bright colors on the red carpet throughout the spring. If you are afraid of to commit to a large amount of neon in an outfit, these nail colors are a subtle way to get in on this season’s hot trend and give your look some extra attitude.

So pass on the sweet and give sassy neon a try. I’m pretty sure those pastels won’t mind a few days off.

Styling Hints:

1. Rock POP’s neon pink polish with a floral dress or distressed denim and floral print blouse.

2. You can definitely set yourself apart with Essie’s neon orange polish paired with a lemon yellow mini dress.

3. An acid yellow like American Apparel’s neon yellow polish looks super chic paired with a nude color palette.

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