Celebrating Women’s History Month


With only a little time left in March Women’s History Month will soon be coming to a close. With all the national  campaigns, controversy in the media, spring break, and midterms many of us haven’t had the time to celebrate the women who have made  exceptional contributions to our gender. However it’s still important to participate and acknowledge the sacrifices and glass ceilings being broken everyday. If you still haven’t found a way to show your support and appreciation for women Liberette has got you covered. Listed below are a few easy suggestions on how you can end this month celebrating Women’s History.

Movie Marathon

There is nothing better than a great story that makes its way onto the big screen, especially one a about a woman. Invite all of your girls over and have a movie marathon of films with inspirational leading ladies. Mix newer films with a few classics to keep it interesting. The Help and Iron Lady both won Academy awards last month and are some great suggestions as newer films. What’s Love Got To Do With It?, and The Dorothy Dandridge Story are a few classic options.

Fight For Women’s Rights

Although we’ve come far there are still women fighting for basic rights such as receiving educations and the right to vote. In many middle eastern countries the fight for Women’s Right is at it’s peak and over on American soil we can do our part to help. Many rallies and organizations cater to these specific causes and even provide living for refugees. OWFI is the Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq. On their official site is information on how to donate to the cause and a calender of events.

Research Local History

We learn about the national history of the Women’s Suffrage movement and other powerful women known worldwide but how about researching the women in your community who have great feats? A friend of mine from Denver, Colorado learned that the first Black Female doctor’s house became a historical landmark when the city tried to tear it down to build condos, citizens protested to ensure the reservation of this landmark in the city. Who’s made history in your backyard? Visit the Statehouse for books and information on your states history you might be surprised at what you find.

Visit the National Women’s History Museum

The National Women’s History Museum is located in Virginia and is the perfect place to learn about women’s history in multiple facets. Everything from Women in the progressive Era to women in World War II is featured in their plethora of exhibits. They even have an exhibit on exceptional African-American women from 1624-2009. Can’t make a trip to Virginia? The official website has online exhibits you can check out as well.

Celebrate Women in Your Life

The women in your life whether it be a mother, sister, grandmother, Aunt or otherwise are all exceptional in their own right. Get all the women in your family together as a group and celebrate each other for the personal impact you have on one another, whether it be with a collective Spa day or group dinner. Take turns saying why each person is exceptional.

How did you Celebrate Women’s History Month? Any other suggestions of creative ways? Let us know in the comment section below.

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