Beyonce’s ‘Countdown’ a Lesson on Relationships

Don’t we all love subliminal messages? After years of female empowerment songs, Beyonce has released a joint that educates women on the way that they should love in order to have a lasting relationships. Politically Unapologetic’s Lashaun Williams breaks down what those points are in her song analysis of Beyonce’s “Countdown”:

“My baby is a 10″

Jay-Z isn’t exactly the prototype for fine, but he sparkles in her eyes for reasons unbeknownst to outsiders. Perfection is not in physical appearance but a connection that reaches beyond comprehension. When someone is truly your complete package–homie, lover, friend–there is no substitute for their place in your life. Why? There’s only room for one ten.

“We dressing to the 9″

Keeping up your appearance is essential. After all, physical attraction is what initially brought you to one another. It’s important to avoid getting complacent with your looks. Believe it or not, maintaining your place as a haute couple helps keep your bed sheets hot.

“He pick[s] me up at 8″

Marriage advice 101: Keep dating. Couples that have been together for a while tend to get settled. Big no-no. Setting aside time to go out on dates regularly helps keep the relationship youthful and vibrant.

“Make me feel so lucky 7″

A girl can’t help but feel lucky when she has a man who looks great and speaks her love language (ex: romantic dates, love letters, midday phone calls). If your man doesn’t speak your language, teach him.

“He kiss me in his 6″

Once again, keeping it young and fun. Sweet kisses never get old, especially when you can reflect on how they were once “innocent.”

“We be making love at 5″

Intimate love-making keeps you physically connected. A marriage devoid of sex is doomed.

“Still the one I’m going 4″

You should be your man’s biggest cheerleader. If he’s anyone’s champion, he’s yours. Knowing you’re in his corner makes him better.

“I’m tryna make us 3″

Children are living displays of love. They are gifts that further connect you and your husband.

“From that 2″

See above.

“He’s still the 1″ 

The reality is you won’t wake up everyday feeling like your husband is amazing. He’s going to disappoint you; he will do things that work your nerves. There are days when you aren’t in the mood to make love. However, ups and downs aside, he is the one next to you when you close your eyes.

Watch the official music video for Beyonce’s “Countdown”:




    October 10, 2011 at 8:37 am

    Last Friday, I listened watched this video at least 10x… My King and I have recently found ourselves in a place where we are relating to, working with, and loving each other better than ever and the principles you set forth in this post are a HUGE part of that. I LOVE that Bey and Jay are unashamed to be be THAT in love with one another publicly and proudly – they are an incredible example of a power couple. Thanks for the post! #prideispretty

  2. Liberette

    October 10, 2011 at 8:58 am

    @Young.Black.Nappy – You’re so right! Glad to see that you and your loved one are keeping things strong! It’s important to share these type of ideals publicly–so many of our women find themselves in downtrodden relationships that batter them internally. Sometimes we need to recognize that there are things that we as women can do to make our relationships better! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

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