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Do you define yourself as a self-made woman? Are you a BAUCE with the sauce who is stacking coins and taking names? Do you firmly believe you are on your way to financial abundance with your mind, body, and soul in the upright condition? If you believe you are an ambitious woman of color who has advice and tips to share with other women who are trying to rise to the top, then we are looking for you.

Welcome to BAUCE TV – a series of Instagram video takeovers by BAUCE women for BAUCE women. If you are a businesswoman or influencer that is ready to drop gems for our followers, then we want you. We are currently scheduling 1-day (24-hour) slots of takeovers with a variety of women across the country who are interested in either 1) covering an event in their city that would appeal to BAUCE women, 2) sharing a day in their life as a businesswoman or 3) interviewing top-list influencers or BAUCE women in their region.

Being on BAUCE TV is also beneficial for you as it gives you the opportunity to promote your business or brand to our large (and growing!) fan base. As a participant in BAUCE TV, we allow you to employ your own levels of creativity to get your message across to our followers. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to be on BAUCE TV today!

Please note that your request to be on BAUCE TV does not mean that you will automatically be selected. Our team reviews all BAUCE Instagram takeover requests and will either approve or decline your submission. Multiple submissions are welcome.



Thank you for your submission. You should receive a response shortly!

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