5 Home Decor Tips – Playing With Texture And Color

Historians claim that Linen is among the oldest types of textiles. They were first created in the late Neolithic, more than 5 thousand years ago. Today, the manufacturing process for these materials is by mechanical, but the basic principle remains the same. The characteristics of the plant have not changed because natural Linen is sufficient to compete with innovative types of textiles.

Linen fabric is a type of yarn made from fine flax stem fibers. Linen material is naturally dry but soft when worn when bleached. The color will be gray-brown to cream white. Although more sensitive to chemicals, Linen absorbs moisture more quickly than cotton. Apart from being stiff, Linen also has a natural luster, in contrast to cotton, which is generally soft and has a non-shiny fiber. Now, Linen is known by the broader community as one of the quality decorative materials. Classified as flexible because Linen does not produce too flashy colors, so it is straightforward to combine flower vases or other decor accessories.

Scandinavian Decoration With Linen Fabric

Scandinavian interior design is one of the most popular design styles for home & living lovers. This Scandinavian interior style is a popular design concept used in Scandinavian countries. Because the concept is simple and there is a natural impression, it makes Scandinavian interiors a flexible design style, which can be applied to any room in the house, including the living room.

For those of you who are interested in applying the Scandinavian interior design style to the living room in your home, let’s just take a look at these five tips for designing a room with a Scandinavian interior!

Present the Wood Elements That Are Typical of Scandinavian Interiors  

One of the impressions that can be displayed from Scandinavian interior design is a natural impression. The natural impression of this Scandinavian interior comes from the use of wooden elements in furniture, decorations and floors. In the inspiration above, the natural impression is very clearly visible on the table, sofa legs, and unique wooden wall clocks, as well as wooden patterned floors.

Wood elements in Scandinavian interiors can be made to dominate or in combination with other materials. Like the sofa and coffee table made of wood, wood accents are combined with the dominance of other colors such as white and gray.

Combine Main Colors typical of Scandinavian Interiors

Scandinavian interior design has the main colors that are the main characteristics of this design style. These colors include white and light gray. You can apply white on the floor or walls of the living room to give the impression of a bright and clean room.

Meanwhile, you can choose light gray as the main color of the living room sofa. These two colors will produce a dynamic color combination when combined with pastel-colored decor elements.

Bring Geometric Shapes into the Living Room

In a living room with a Scandinavian interior style, the furniture used is only essential furniture, namely furniture that is felt most needed. In addition, the Scandinavian interior furniture does not have a complicated design. One of the distinctive forms of Scandinavian interiors is the geometric shape that usually appears on the legs of cabinet tables, tv tables, cabinets, and chairs.

Add Texture to a Scandinavian Interior

If in a minimalist interior design the furniture used has a smooth and shiny textured surface, such as a leather sofa, in the Scandinavian interior design the furniture used has a rough surface texture.

The texture is obtained from furniture made of cloth, woven straw, rattan, or metal materials. For this reason, a two-seat sofa made of linen fabric is the most suitable sofa for the Scandinavian interior style.

Refresh Scandinavian Interiors with a Touch of Nature

Scandinavian interior style would not be complete without ornamental plants. This decoration item not only refreshes the atmosphere of the living room, but also complements the needs of Scandinavian interior design itself. Literally, Scandinavian interior design has the concept of returning to nature. By placing leaf ornamental plants in the corners of the room or on a wall shelf, the Scandinavian interior concept is even more perfect.

Steps to decor your living room with linen

To give a different feel, decoration elements are important to be applied in the room. Decorating elements have a variety of shapes, colors, and options, one of which is a cushion or sofa cushion. Another advantage of using pillows as a decoration element is that it is one of the most economical ways to refresh the room in the house. Here are some ways to decorate using sofa cushions so that the room looks fresher and more comfortable.

1. Adjust the theme of the room

Before placing the sofa cushions in the living room, pay attention to the color palette or theme of the existing decor. If the room has a bright color palette, combine it with neutral pillows. Conversely, if the room has a neutral theme, insert two or three pillows in a lighter color.

2. Texture

Do not hesitate and be afraid to combine several textures from velvet, to silk or fur. Combining several textures of thick sofa cushions with lighter ones will make the room more comfortable but modern.

3. Various shapes and sizes

Putting all the sofa cushions of the same size can look very formal. Combine pillows of various sizes and shapes such as oval or oval to create a comfortable and friendly look.

4. Color

If you have a living room or family room with neutral wall colors, you can apply gray and yellow pillow colors to give a more lively impression in the room, or other colors that can be used are mustard, terracotta, sage green, and seafoam.

5. Pattern

If the room has a limited area, you can place a pillow with a horizontal or vertical line pattern so that it can provide a focal point in the room and give a narrow room a more colorful feel.

Steps To Decor Your Bedroom With Linen Fabric

The bedroom is one of the favorite spaces of each individual. The reason is, the bedroom is a private room for each to rest. Most of the time is usually spent in the bedroom when you have time on holidays. Of course, the bedroom should be made as comfortable as possible. So, sleep and rest time is also more optimal. Therefore, citing the book Elegant Residential Interior by Astrid Kusumowidagdo, Jakarta, Monday (10/8/2020), changes are needed so that you don’t always get bored in the room. Here are simple ways to keep your room trendy and not boring:

1. Update linen

Bed Covers or blankets with patra materials and fresh colors will certainly give a different atmosphere in the bedroom. At the time of replacement, also pay attention to the condition of the other upholstery used to make it look more united.

2. Change the color of the wall or wallpaper

Give a touch or surprise to the color of the walls of the room with paint or wallpaper with different patterns and textures. Set the color and pattern according to your heart so that it is more comfortable in your heart.

3. Change knick-knacks

Accessories and knick-knacks are one of the easiest bedroom items to replace. Choose accessories that match the latest trend models, so that the interior atmosphere of the bedroom is far from monotonous and follows trends.

4. Give a touch of accent

Accents can be functional accessories. Examples such as sitting lamps, table displays or decorative accessories such as family photos.

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