Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Use Sex Toys

Think about some of the areas in your life that you’re unhappy with, and then think about what’s stopping you from changing them. ls it because you’re unable to? Or is it that the amount of effort needed to do so is more than you can spare at the moment?

Maybe you want to save money, but given your salary and time requirements, that’s not really an option at this point in your life. Maybe you want to lose weight and are taking steps to do so, but doing it the right way is a long and sometimes slow process.

There are few things that you can decide you want to change and are immediately able to do so. However, if you’re unhappy with your sex life, you can make changes today that will help you make a complete 180 in no time flat. How? By introducing sex toys into your play.

Before you wince and shy away from the topic, hear me out. Too many women settle for unsatisfying sex lives. And it’s not just bored housewives or women from the baby boomers generation. There are plenty of women in their 20s and 30s that are being held back, and it’s not their lack of a partner that’s caused this.

A long-term relationship study by Anthony Smith, the professor of public health and deputy director of the Australian Research Center, was discussed in a New York Times blog. He discovered that among women in long-term relationships, one of the major reasons they were unhappy with their sex lives was because of a lack of time. “I don’t think you can keep forcing more and more activities in people’s lives and still expect them to take the time it takes to have sex, let alone good-quality sex,” said Smith.

Skipping ahead to the bottom line, not only can sex toys get you to the ‘big O’ faster, but they can make the experience all the more intense. But if that’s still not a good enough reason for you to check them out, there are plenty of others.

Sex toys have become mainstream, (partially of course because of my previously stated bottom line). As She Knows said in an article, “When 84-year-old Barbara Walters is joking about having a vibrator on The View, you know there’s no reason to be embarrassed to shop for one of your own.”

Also, for some, an additional aid in the bedroom such as a vibrator or even some lube isn’t just an added pleasure, it’s a necessity to experience any pleasure at all. But that doesn’t mean that taking the leap to getting one isn’t a little unnerving. Of course, it’s important to remind yourself that you don’t have to get something enormous that sounds like you’re running a leaf blower. Adult toy experts Adam and Eve state that there’s now a wide range of products available with women’s satisfaction in mind, including different clitoral stimulators, specialized slender G-Spot stimulators, classic cylindrical vibrators, and of course portable and discreet models. The smaller, less intrusive options are especially perfect for when you’re just getting started.

You also shouldn’t be embarrassed about discussing the matter with your partner. It’s understandable that you may be a little nervous, but what’s important is that you discuss it together ahead of time. Make sure there are very finite lines present, and that neither of you cross them.

As open as you should be with your partner, you should always be just as open with yourself. If you’re really being honest with yourself, how happy are you with your sex life? If you’re unsatisfied, or just want to spice things up, there’s no need to get discouraged and/or accept things for the way they are. With the help of a new toy, a dissatisfying sex life can be one of the easiest ways to fix this part of your life. There are few other things you can fix so dramatically with such little effort, and taking advantage of this could be one of the best changes you make.

photo credit: Tasayu Tasnaphun via photopin cc
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