How to Look Posh and Neat on a Very Rainy Day

Even if you wake up in the happiest of moods, a rainy day can tear it all down. After all, anything from a drizzle to a downpour can damper your day, slow down your ability to run from place to place—and ruin the crown of glory — your  hair! But don’t let it catch you off guard! With these tips, you can still look good living your BAUCE life —even without checking your weather app.

1. Start Your Morning Off Right! Whether you wake up to a day of rain or shine, it’s always important to start it off right! Do some morning stretches, drink a lot of water, and NEVER skip breakfast. These are some of the many ways to get ready for the (long) day ahead– and turn any weather-induced frown upside down!

2. Check The Fabric You’re Wearing. For your clothing, opt for something sturdy and simple in a dark shade, as it won’t show signs of rain or muddy stains. Along with that, you should avoid void suede, unprotected leather, and other materials that can suffer water damage. Gear Weare offers a nice selection of coats that can protect you in inclement weather.

Women wearing umbrella and leather jacket for rainy day

3. Lots Of Layers. With any outfit that is rain-ready, layers are important because it means more protection. The #1 rule for rainy-day layering is to wear pieces made of thin fabrics. The best part? Once at the office, you can take off the layers of your preference for a whole new look.

4. Button Up: Try a Trench Coat… A trench is a good rainy day pick because it is lighter than other jackets, but still durable. These days, there are so many trench coat styles to choose from, whether it involves leather accents or different shades than its typical beige.


5. …Or Wear a Bomber Jacket! For the weekend, a night out, or even to the office, another alternative in outerwear is the bomber jacket. Its versatile silhouette and fabric makes this piece perfect over dresses and ripped denim alike.

6. Slip on a Pair of Versatile Shoes. Traditional tall rain boots can often be stiff and bulky because rubber does not breathe well, so stick to short and sweet boots. Motorcycle boots are a great alternative to your typical rain boots because they are durable, but can still be worn in the office.

7. Search Through Your Dad’s Closet for an Old Baseball Hat. In place of beanies and berets that do nothing to keep our locks looking luscious and makeup damp-free, the baseball hat is taking center stage. Thank you, norm-core!

kendall jenner wearing baseball hat on rainy day

8. Keep Your Makeup Smudge-Free…. Waterproof mascara is an absolute necessity on a rainy day. Eyeliner and eye shadow can also run and get in your eyes once wet, so you should look for waterproof versions of these, as well. With skin products like blush and bronzer, stick to liquid and cream formulas that wont come off as easily as powder.

9. …And Keep your Hair Tame. A braid is the perfect go-to hairstyle for any rainy day because it serves as both a protector and styler. On one hand, it will keep your locks tied up and protected from getting soaked. On the other hand, once let down, your hair will take on beach waves that will give your strands—and you —some much-needed spunk on any damp, dreary day.

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