Good Girl Gone Bad: Why Dating a Bad Boy Works

tumblr_mf0ygfjLu31r2utcno1_400It’s a new year which means new possibilities to fall in love with a little adventure…and by a little adventure I mean a bad boy. If you’re tired of dating the same ole boring Joes why not spice up your love life by adding a little flavor…and danger to it?  Here are five great things about dating a guy whose a little too close to the edge.

1. Adventure

If you’re anything like me, the highlight of your day is coming home from a long and stressful work environment and just kicking back with your favorite snack and TV show (anyone see the new episode of Scandal?). For the new year, step out of that funk and go out and get yourself some love! With a bad boy, there is never a dull moment, there’s always a plane to sky-dive from, a new movie to see, a favorite artist in concert, or a new restaurant opening to dine and dash from (just kidding)! You’ll feel better about this newfound energy you never knew you had and going to work the next day won’t be so bad because you’ll have something to look forward to afterwards. Trust me ladies, he’ll keep you on those freshly pedicured toes and you’ll be thankful for it.

2. No Judgment

Ladies admit it, we all have a foot long list of fantasies stashed away collecting dust somewhere in our house. Dating a bad boy might be the perfect time to start crossing off some things on that list. Like they say, you only live once, and you don’t have to worry about judgment coming from him. You can do anything you want without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. Trust me anything that you’re thinking, he’s either thinking or he’s done it already. So live a little, bring out the handcuffs, the blindfolds, and unleash your inner femme fatale.

3. No Games

There’s no guessing game, no blame game, and no mind reading games involved when dating a bad boy. They’re very straightforward about what they want from the beginning and you’ll never have to wonder where this thing is headed. Even though this can be a little intimidating for some of us women, his biggest turn on is a strong and straightforward woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind as well. What can be more kinkier than getting each other riled up in a heavy debate and then having great sex afterwards?

4. Knows the Value of Space

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of me time ladies, or spending time with your girls. He will definitely understand. The upside to dating a bad boy is that he won’t make you feel obligated to do anything you don’t want to do, he won’t nag you or clock your every move because he’s confident with where he stands. Whenever you want to be with him, he’s always one phone call away, but when you just want to be alone, he’ll back off to give you the space you need.

5. Sex

This is pretty self-explanatory. It’s last, but certainly not least! A man that’s always down for a little adventure, doesn’t judge, and is straightforward about what he wants, tell me that isn’t a great recipe for mind-blowing sex? A bad boy is uninhibited, confident in what he does, and isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to please you. Nothing is off-limits and no headboard is safe when dating a bad boy.

Don’t let 2013 be another epic fail for you in the love and romance department, go out and get you a bad boy who’ll be having you singing “can I get a refill?’ like Elle Varner. You won’t be disappointed.



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